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Evergreen Outreach Committee Meeting August 3, 2022 2 p.m. Eastern, 11 a.m. Pacific

Attending: Rogan Hamby, Kean (IVPL-PaILS), Jennifer Weston, Deborah Luchenbill, Ruth Frasur (minutes)


  • Press releases (Rogan)
    • Ron has released several press releases including a recap of the conference.
  • Community Spotlight (Andrea, Ruth) - form - Committee will choose someone at September committee meeting from nominations and have spotlight ready by end of 2022Q3 or early part of 2022Q4.
  • Image archive (Ruth)
  • Hack-A-Way (Rogan)
    • date selection closes this Friday (August 5)
    • Small group of community members to develop comparison model for potential platforms in the next month or so.
  • Annual Report (Rogan)
    • 2021 Annual Report was distributed on last day of 2022 Evergreen Online Conference.
    • Planning for 2022 Annual Report will begin in November 2022.
    • Acknowledge that in-person conferences tend to generate significantly more content for the annual report than online conferences.
  • Merchandise (Debbie, Rogan)
    • Discussion re: different philosophical approaches to TEP merchandise - general "community goodwill" vs. "revenue generation."
    • Challenges w/ managing inventory/stock make Print-on-demand (POD) w/ lowest cost possible for customer more attractive.
    • Redbubble situation spurs search for POD alternatives.
    • Jennifer and Deborah will work with Rogan to develop comparison matrix.
  • Conference Videos
    • Rogan is working on getting these uploaded as time and circumstance allow.
  • Website Planning
    • On pause for the time being.
  • Social Media Content
    • Good entry point for community member.
    • Does not need to be a member of the outreach committee
  • Standing Conference Committee
    • Website has been updated to current membership

Adjourned 2:45pm EDT

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