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Evergreen Outreach Committee Meeting Agenda

June 6, 2018
2 pm Eastern

Present: Kathy Lussier, Rogan Hamby, Amy Terlaga, Meme Marlow

Absent: Ron Gagnon, Andrea Neiman, Chris Maas

Annual report recap - any changes for next year?

Software issues to work out - Scribus was used this year so that more people could help out, but it’s not a very collaborative piece of software. Rogan - when you load a file, there are certain things from your local PC (settings) that it absorbs so that another person working on it has difficulties with these local settings. Kathy - we’ll try to address these things sometime this year. Printing - font size was bigger and more readable, not as much content but that’s okay. More PR than anything else.

the new logo looked good. Invoice to be sent to Amy so that she can get it to the SFC along with an explanation and reference to Board minutes.

Merchandise booth

Collected $444 at the booth

Earned $650 through conference t-shirt pre-orders

Bottle openers sold well. Other merchandise sold in smaller amounts.

T-shirt sales not as high. Rogan can dig up the sold quantities. Rogan hopes to have leftover merchandise shipped to MOBIUS. Equinox is absorbing the cost. Rogan’s only concern - shipping the notebooks which are heavy. 132 left. May need some reimbursement from the Project on the shipping of these.

For next year - may be good on T-shirts. Just do a conference T-shirt. Move inventory we have on the T-shirts. 60 bottle openers left.

EOB suggestion to re-introduce pins as a conference perk - 100 universal minimum order, bundle into conference registration? Amy to talk to conference committee. Maybe a sponsorship for the pins? Amy will also ask about a small sponsorship to add one item to the merchandise table.

ALA Annual program

Outreach Budget Request for EOB

Outreach Budget Request for EOB

Projector needed for ALA conferences

Pens - Rogan will have Galen take them to ALA

Bumper stickers as a give-away

Shipping - we didn’t spend any this year because Equinox absorbed it, but we need to build it in for this upcoming year

Printing - lower than this year

The committee approved the proposed budget

Outreach Committee charge to support and encourage community participation

Outreach Committee charge to support and encourage community participation - Andrea Neiman will be joining us. She may come up with one project to encourage community participation. This will be discussed during our next call.

Next meeting - Wednesday, August 1, 2pm EST.

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