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Evergreen Outreach Committee Meeting October 7th, 2020 2 p.m. Eastern, 11 a.m. Pacific

Google hangout link:

Or, join by phone: ‪+1 337-441-4148‬ PIN: ‪125 363 025‬#


  • Community Spotlight (Andrea update) - form
  • Press releases (Ron) - The press release about the hackaway did go out last month, and it was in Marshall Breeding's distribution on September 21st. I will do a press release when Release 3.6 is final, unless there's something interesting in the meantime.
  • Image archive (Ruth)
  • 2020 Annual Report (Rogan & Andrea)
  • task: come up with a community way to store site credentials

WIKI Clean up Project

Action items:

1) combine Evergreen FAQs with website FAQs 2) combine Features and Technical Infrasturcture FAQs with website FAQ - prototype in google docs 3) get eyes on Website FAQ for updating 4) deprecate two FAQs to archives on the wiki 5) Update Bibliographic Indexing and move to docs - andrea 6) make sure things in archive are in zzz namespace


  • ALA Meetup (Amy & Debbie)
  • Conference Merchandise (Debbie)
  • An online user group meeting event

Deferred Until Non-Profit Process is Complete

  • Budget
  • Redbubble Store

Tabled Until Torch Carrier Comes Forward

  • Social Media - scheduling regular content for Facebook & Twitter
  • Web site refresh (cross over with web team)
  • Community Ambassadors
  • I am Evergreen
  • LITA blog post and/or webinar?
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