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Evergreen Outreach Committee Meeting August 9th, 2023 4 p.m. Eastern, 1 p.m. Pacific

Attending: Katherine Dannehl, Rogan Hamby, Stephanie Leary, Kathryn Nesbit, Andrea Buntz Neiman (minutes), Olivia Scully, Jennifer Weston

Meeting began 4:03pm ET

  • Web Site (Stephanie)
    • Hoping to get this updated before Hackaway
  • Press releases (Katherine)
    • Recent press releases & blog posts are ready
    • Need list of PR sources?
    • ACTION: Rogan will share Laura's list with Katherine & we will contact Ron if needed
  • Social Media (Kathryn)
    • Doing well - gotten a lot of engagement on Facebook with Seeds content & upcoming content
    • Been focusing on Facebook since Twitter / X is … uncertain
    • Future platforms are still TBD
    • ACTION: Rogan will add social media to Communicate page - YouTube, Twitter, Reddit
    • ACTION: Rogan will also add 'sandbag' accounts for Threads, Instagram, TikTok
    • INFO: Rogan via his account has a list of login info for various social media platforms
    • Third Seeds interview will be out this afternoon
  • Hack-A-Way October 23-25th
    • Forthcoming! In person! TBD!
  • Calendar Reboot
    • Galen will update remaining IG leaders today with calendar access
    • ACTION: Jennifer will check in with IG leaders to make sure they know what to do & what responsibilities are
    • Outreach will then deprecate old calendars and remove links, create promotional blitz, etc.
    • ACTION: Outreach will check up on this next month
  • Web Accessibility Update
  • 2024 Conference
    • Will need to clarify communication / responsibility lines

Meeting ended at 4:27pm

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