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Evergreen Outreach Committee Meeting

October 7th, 2020 2 p.m. Eastern, 11 a.m. Pacific Agenda


  • Andrea Buntz Neiman (minutes), Equinox
  • Ruth Frasur, Indiana State Library
  • Rogan Hamby, Equinox
  • Jennifer Weston, Equinox


  • Community Spotlight (Andrea update)
    • September - Jessica Woolford
    • October - selection made & Andrea will contact them
    • New nominees can go on the form
  • Press releases (Ron)
    • The press release about the hackaway did go out last month, and it was in Marshall Breeding's distribution on September 21st. I will do a press release when Release 3.6 is final, unless there's something interesting in the meantime.
  • Image archive (Ruth)
  • 2020 Annual Report (Rogan & Andrea)
    • Planning to commence shortly

WIKI Clean up Project

  • On the start page, this heading is currently serving as a temporary holding pen for things that will eventually move to the zzz_archive namespace
  • FAQs - where do they go?
  • ACTION: Andrea will look at the Indexing page (ask Mike R.) and move content to docs; deprecate page in wiki
  • ACTION: Jennifer is still looking at preparing to migrate page & will eventually move content to website
  • Writing the Book of Evergreen moved under the archive heading
  • ACTION: Andrea will chat about wiki cleanup at Hack-a-way
  • Andrea's philosophy of community content loclations:
    • If it's something that should be for new/potential users, it should be on the website.
    • If it's something that is for current users, but content is relatively static, it should be in the documentation.
    • If it's something that is for current users, but content is frequently updated (or updated by many people), it should be on the wiki.

Adjourned 3:10pm ET

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