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 === CAT-003: Vandelay === === CAT-003: Vandelay ===
 +  - Prior to running this test, you must create a circulation modifier with the code 'book' via **Admin** -> **Server Administration** -> **Circulation Modifiers**
   - In the **Cataloguing** menu, select **MARC Batch Import/Export**   - In the **Cataloguing** menu, select **MARC Batch Import/Export**
 +  - Click **Record Match Sets** and create a new Match Set called "testmatch"
 +  - Create a **MARC Tag and Subfield** matchpoint that matches on tag 020 and subfield a. Save changes.
 +  - Click the **Import Records** button.
   - Create a new queue called "testqueue"   - Create a new queue called "testqueue"
-  - Import this file: FIXME+  - Select the **testmatch** record match set. 
 +  - Select the **Evergreen 852 export format** holdings import profile. 
 +  - Select the **Full overlay** merge profile 
 +  - Select to **Import Non-matching records** and to **Merge on Best Match** 
 +  - Import this file: {{:qa:sample_load_with_items.mrc|}} 
 +  - Verify that records imported and matched correctly. When using with the Concerto data set, there should be at least one match (record 94). 
 +  - Retrieve record with database ID 94 (Cataloging < Retrieve title via Database ID). **SUCCESSFULLY OVERLAID** will display in the title to verify that the "full overlay" option worked correctly. 
 === CAT-004: Holdings Maintenance === === CAT-004: Holdings Maintenance ===
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