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known bugs and needed features


Feature Cosmetic Wishlist
error handling: Handle errors from embedded interfaces like the opac and admin interfaces (thrown xpc-wrapped js objects) language: check all wording/spelling lists: For truly huge result sets that are not capped, the paging might be part of the api. In that case it may be better to wrap a simple paging interface around the list interface, and just have it clear and append a page's worth of data on each page change. I don't think we need anything like that currently
error handling: Give embedded interfaces some hooks into normal staff client error handling feedback: Acknowledgement popups for every silent action convenience: A higher level Undo for things like undeleting tabs. Maybe a tab protection flag, too. Or let the staff client query the interface before closing to see if a warning dialog ('unsaved data', etc.) needs to be displayed
convenience: use the same tab interface (shortcut keys, X button, etc.) as Firefox/Mozilla. This would also remove the arbitrary "No More Than 9 Tabs" restriction convenience: Focus the cursor correctly on interface transitions admin: Interface for org settings for ip ranges
convenience: default tab portal - needs further discussion feedback: put sounds/audibles in more/less places. Let me know if there is a place where we need audibles, or if there is an audible in a place where we don't need it. admin: A Change Password interface for staff client. Batch?
lists: print template selection feedback: sounds for override and permission dialogs error handling: Helpdesk integration
lists: Select All action lists: Need to make sure all list data is being fleshed/retrieved with a "retrieve_row" function, and not prior to the list append (this is a performance tweak)
convenience: instant messaging needs discussion lists: indication of new/modified/removed rows stat cats: make free-text entry a toggable option for copy and patron stat cats
language: better localization/internationalization (this will also hopefully clear up mis-usages like Lost vs. Missing, Item vs. Copy) clarity: remove the "T" from all datetime stamps convenience: Cancel/Done for all sub-interfaces
developer: Move the menu interface back to remote xul, or wait until xulrunner can load remote overlays programmatically. The problem here is that we can't make remote xul act 100% like local xul, regardless of permissions, and there are still some interfaces that rely on local xul behavior. Need to find these and document. lists: Sort addresses on patron record needs discussion bug 154


Feature Cosmetic Wishlist
convenience: Checkdigits for checkin, checkout, etc. language: change wording from Public? to Patron Visible? on patron notes bills: allow for dynamic distribution of payment received to selected bills as you type (oninput instead of onchange)
bills: payment notes for all payment types language: change wording for Item Replace Barcode data: better phone number handling (purpose: notification vs identification, etc.) (future)
convenience: smart default for backdates patron editor: Save link on every page bookbags: Ability to for staff to add / remove items from a patron's bookbag (from committee meeting, needs discussion)
maintenance: inventory interface convenience: investigate html/xul compatible calendar widgets. miker
convenience: ability to edit notes on patron patron editor: Add alternate city selection where alternate cities exist
opac: print friendly versions of pages / selections offline: Ability to browse transactions before upload or during the course of the day
convenience: show barring library (though Bill is prompting for an alert message on barring) offline: The ability to undo or remove an item from the pending list (in checkin, checkout, etc.) before they get saved to the log file
convenience: offer a Renew option when attempting to checkout an item to a patron when that item is already checked out to that patron. The term used here was "in-hand renewal" offline: The same sort of field validation that the online user editor uses for driver's license, etc.
convenience/holds: Add notes on hold requests bug 130 stat cats: option to make patron stat cats required/displayable or not (future)
convenience: smarter selection of hold recipients (click on the barcode in patron summary and paste into recipient textbox is pretty easy)
data: patron de-dup algorithm (permutations/combinatins of name, de-dup on barcode)
convenience: distinguish bookdrop checkins from normal checkins somehow?
convenience: some indication of patron/circ status on checkin (this book was overdue, this patron was blocked, etc.)
convenience: for family group display, have an at a glance indication of group member statuses (you can currently see Active and Barred)
patron editor: indicate edited fields in the summary display


Feature Cosmetic Wishlist
convenience: edit barcode entry point for an item in a list/tree/copy editor marc editor: check stickness and default display of fixed field prompts record merge: a pick and choose interface for marc tags among the records
permissions: tag level permissions in MARC editor clarity: The Record 0 of 1 bug record merge: have a toggle for lining up matching tags for easier side by side comparison
permissions: field level permissions in copy editor troubleshooting: marc history interface
holdings maintenance: per record per library, if renaming volumes to identical label, merge the volumes marc: proposal/staging area for marc records (far future, we can report of cat activities in meantime)
holdings maintenance: drill down farther into the workstation library by default convenience: share read-only buckets (we just need an interface for this)
buckets: an Empty Bucket button convenience: auto-update of marc based on authority
z39.50: better collision detection, duplicate detection algorithm convenience: volume notes interface
convenience: volume buckets (future) convenience: put MARC callnumber suggestion list in volume editor
convenience: default to all caps for call number entry
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