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Web Team Meeting: May 10, 2017

  • Time: 11 AM Pacific, 2 PM Eastern
  • Place: #evergreen IRC channel

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Action Items from Previous Meetings

  • gmcharlt to get the Evergreen logo and link-back to the main website onto
    • Status: Done
  • gmcharlt and kmlussier will contact website content contributors to confirm willingness to license their contributions as CC-BY-SA
    • Status: 37 people have WordPress accounts on the Evergreen site. 36 have been contacted, and 23 have given consent for their contributions to be licensed under CC-BY-SA. kmlussier is reaching out to others now to help track down the 14 people who have not responded. Nobody has refused to give consent.
  • gmcharlt to send notification of the license clarification to mailing lists
    • Status: Pending more progress on previous action item.
  • kmlussier will request that DIG update copyright date on the footer when they update it with the license statement
    • Status: Done (for 2017 too!)
  • RoganH to reach out to the 2016 conference folks re getting them set up with a WP account
    • Status: Done
  • Galen to add a robots.txt to webstats to disallow all crawling
    • Status: webstats has since been disabled on the web site.


  • Question from DIG - What is the best place to link to Evergreen Community Tutorials
  • New and blue sky projects
  • New Wordpress Theme for Evergreen web site
  • Meeting schedule - 2nd Wednesday of the month at the same time?


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