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Evergreen Conference 2017 Hackfest Agenda

Discussion Topics

Add big-picture development topics here that require discussion of the developer community

What We're Working On

Let us know what you're working on to spark discussion and to coordinate with others

  • Terran - Small improvements to OPAC responsive design (esp in My Account)
  • Chris - Acq stuff
    • Bug 1257915 Acq: purchase orders stay "on-order" with some lineitems received and the rest canceled
    • Also Acq Bugs Spreadsheet compiled by Christine Burns for Acq Interest Group.
  • Dan Scott - using vanilla JavaScript instead of Dojo for copy location search and Google Books lookups

Decisions made

  • Bill Erickson and Blake Henderson have volunteered to be buildmasters during the 3.0 release cycle.

Action items

  • Galen will send out a call for patch authors to use open-ils-dev to introduce new features.
  • Galen will also increase use of IRC to ask people to review particular patches.
  • Galen will add the core committer responsibilities document to the wiki. Done!
  • Jeff Godin, Ben Shum, Dan Scott, Mike Rylander, Galen Charlton, and Jason Stephenson will start exploring options for replacing Launchpad, including GitHub and GitLab.
  • Ben Shum and Dan Scott will set up Launchpad and the bzr repo to start permitting series-level translations.
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