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Developer meeting: November 29, 2010

Tentatively to be held at:

  • 09:00:00 a.m. Monday November 29, 2010 in America/Los_Angeles
  • 12:00:00 p.m. Monday November 29, 2010 in Canada/Eastern
  • 04:00:00 p.m. Monday November 29, 2010 in UTC

Last meeting: 2010-11-16


Meeting takes place on IRC on the #evergreen channel on Freenode. See the Calendar for specific dates and times.

Logs and minutes

  • (Will be added post-meeting)

Prior to the meeting

  • Please fill out Who's who if you want to be identified more readily in the future


Times are rough guides to the expected amount of time to be spent on each agenda item.

Each item other than "introductions" should have a designated lead. Feel free to put your name down beside an item if you know the topic and can lead a coherent discussion on it!

  1. Determine the taker of minutes: Dan Scott volunteered
  2. Determine meeting leader: Dan Wells volunteered
    1. 1.6 release support (discussed and appears is the last 1.6.0.x)
      • If this is agreed upon, can we then publish a clearly written list of releases that are currently supported, with expected out-of-support dates or triggers? For example:
        • Currently supported:,,!?)
        • (ca. January 2011) When 2.0 is released, support for and will be dropped, leaving 1.6.1.x and 2.0.x as the active branches
        • (ca. April 2011) When 2.1.0 is released, support for 2.0.x will be dropped, leaving 1.6.1.x and 2.1.x as the active branches
      • ACTION Dan Scott to create a draft page and request feedback
    2. Bill Erickson to report on release of KCLS OPAC skin.
      • Deferred to next meeting.
    3. Lebbeous Fogle-Weekley & Dan Wells to review serials documentation.
      • Lebbeous plans to create a document early this week that follows the route through the alternate serials control view with screenshots. Screenshots are taken, writing is happening now.
      • ACTION Lebbeous to post link to serials document when it is ready. And here it is!
    4. Ben Shum to report on potential IE crash using 2.0 Beta OPAC.
      • Ben Shum has opened a bug ticket on this issue:
      • Issue seems resolved with 2.0 Beta3 testing
      • ACTION Dan Wells reported seeing IE crash with his 1.6 catalog, he will test with the beta catalog
  3. (10 min) 2.0 beta status? List of bugs targeted to the beta4 release
    • Ben Shum reported two 1.6.1-2.0 upgrade script problems in beta 3
      • Dan Scott resolved these and hopes the shiny new VM will be of use to help test the upgrade script in the future
    • Jason Etheridge backported a fix to 2.0 for spine label printing that Dan Scott had tested on Linux, but wasn't able to confirm resulted in successfully printing labels on Windows; it did at least solve the utter breakage that existed pre-patch
    • ACTION Dan Scott volunteered to tackle unexpected payload bug
  4. (2 min) (tsbere) Patch Dynamic weighting for INDB Matchpoints needs review
    • Mike Rylander plans to review as soon as 2.0 RC1 is cut, and added a comment to that effect to the bug
    • Dan Scott added a 2.1 release series to Launchpad so that the bug/patch could be targeted to that series
  5. (5 min) (Dan Scott) Bug tracking
    • lists 106 open bugs; some of these have "Fix committed" that might be able to be set to "Fix released", would be eased if they were tied to a specific milestone
    • It's not clear how much attention is being paid to these by the development team
      • James Fournie has done some major status cleanup in the past
      • Some of the core committers occasionally pay attention to specific bugs, particularly for 2.0
      • But there are bugs that are older than one year that haven't had follow-up; the growing number of open bugs sends a message that filing a bug might not be an effective way of getting a problem resolved
    • ACTION Jason Stephenson offered to go through the list of "Fix Committed" bugs and change those that were tied to an actual release to "Fix Released"
    • Suggestions:
      • Schedule a bug-squashing day to confirm, categorize (e.g. tie to specific milestones, set priorities), and actually address and close bugs - post 2.0?
        • ACTION Dan Scott will post a call to the -devel list for a bug-squashing day tied to beta4 release
      • Call for a head bug wrangler to help coordinate QA efforts like bug-squashing days, triaging bugs, generating patches, etc?
        • OPPORTUNITY There was general support for the idea, but no volunteers were pushed forward
  6. (2 min) (Dan Scott) Downloads page has several "coming soon" or "needs writing" claims about release notes, but without a person's name beside them, those are lies. Any volunteers for the following?
    • Evergreen release notes: ACTION Mike Rylander volunteered to write these
    • OpenSRF 1.6.1 release notes: ACTION Dan Scott volunteered to write these
    • OpenSRF 1.2.3 release notes: ACTION Deprecate the OpenSRF 1.2 series (Dan Scott will roll this into the "Evergreen supported releases" document)
    • OpenSRF 1.0.7 release notes: ACTION Deprecate the OpenSRF 1.0 series (Dan Scott will roll this into the "Evergreen supported releases" document)
  7. (1 min) (Dan Scott) OpenSRF 1.6.2 release
    • Dan will create this soon to resolve some difficulties installing prereqs and get Bill Erickson's select()-interruption patch out there
  8. (1 min) (Dan Scott) OpenSRF 2.0 beta 2 release
    • Bill Erickson has some more patches to commit for 2.0; Dan will roll a beta 2 when Bill gives him the thumbs up
    • OPPORTUNITY We need someone to implement proper library versioning using autotools
  9. (2 min) Schedule next meeting
    • Tentatively, every Tuesday for the next 8 weeks at the same time (12:00 EST, 9:00 PST)


  1. Scrape together minutes
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