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Developer meeting: June 7, 2011

Meeting takes place on IRC on the #evergreen channel on Freenode. See the Calendar for specific dates and times.

Held at

  • 09:00:00 a.m. Tuesday June 7, 2011 in America/Los_Angeles
  • 12:00:00 p.m. Tuesday June 7, 2011 in Canada/Eastern
  • 16:00:00 Tuesday June 7, 2011 in UTC

Last meeting: 2011-05-24

Logs and minutes

  • Minutes will be supplied in this document after the meeting finishes.

Prior to the meeting

  • Please fill out Who's who if you want to be identified more readily in the future


  1. Determine the taker of minutes: moodaepo (Anoop Atre)
  2. Determine meeting leader: gmcharlt (Galen Charlton)
  3. Review action items
    1. eeevil (Mike Rylander) to post release process using git somewhere
    2. gmcharlt to write up some ideas on improving git use and releases
      • STATUS: Plans on getting this done by the end of the week.
    3. gmcharlt / tsbere to convert Syrup ILS-contrib to git
      • STATUS: gmcharlt will convert Syrup to git after meeting.
    4. Reminder for artunit (Art Rhyno) and gfawcett to send pubkeys to
      • STATUS: gmcharlt has artunit's pubkey.
      • ACTION ITEM: dbs (Dan Scott) will poke gfawcett to send in his pubkey.
    5. dbs to put "pullrequest" tagging in "contributing" evergreen wiki documentation
      • STATUS: Completed: dbs has revised the contributing documentation to support either a "point at public branch" or "submit a patch" approach, including the pullrequest standardization. diff
    6. bshum to review LP 731521
      • STATUS: Looked good, but revealed another bug that requires attention first: LP 731516
      • ACTION ITEM: berick will work with bshum to tackle both bugs.
    7. eeevil: LP 740320 and LP 520175
      • STATUS: 740320 - gmcharlt will check with eeevil.
      • ACTION ITEM: gmcharlt will get patch from joseph_ tested and pushed in the next couple days.
      • STATUS: 520175 - related work
      • ACTION ITEM: gmcharlt volunteered to take on 520175 this week.
    8. dbs and dbwells for LP 787150 (Call number label class not able to be set in 2.0)
      • STATUS: Fix committed, waiting for 2.0.7
    9. dbs and jamesrf for LP 780665 (spine labels assume LC)
      • STATUS: Discussion - smoke but no fire since 2011-05-23, mired in deciding how best to proceed
      • ACTION ITEM: jamesrf needs to publish it somewhere and dbs will review once that it is available.
    10. berick asked to work on LP 776583 (SIP-related)
      • STATUS: Fix committed and merged to master.
    11. 2.1-rc to be cut "sometime"
      • ACTION ITEM: berick will review dbs's OpenLibrary AC rewrite for 2.1 before rc.
      • ACTION ITEM: Barring any critical blockers, eeevil is welcome to roll 2.1-rc at his leisure hopefully early next week.
  4. OpenSRF 2.0
    1. Would it be good to officially recommend OpenSRF 2.0.x use with Evergreen 2.0.x? It seems that some sites have already started using it like so.
    2. We would need to update the downloads page and instructions accordingly.
    3. Benefit: getting the PID handling goodness.
      • It was agreed to recommend OpenSRF 2.0 for Evergreen 2.0
      • ACTION ITEM: moodaepo will update website with the recommendation.
  5. Notice: Conifer is holding TT OPAC development days @ University of Windsor, June 27-29th. If you hack on the TT OPAC and want to join us, get in touch with Dan Scott.

Patch review queue

We don't want to let submitted patches rot, here's a list of bugs with attached patches

  1. - phasefx (Jason Etheridge) has come up with an alternative
    • ACTION ITEM: phasefx will take point on getting this reviewed.
    • ACTION ITEM: gmcharlt will review joseph_ 's patch
  1. - fix committed but tweaking needed, apparently
    • ACTION ITEM: gmcharlt will review and push
  1. - to discuss with eeevil when he's back
  1. - This is probably requires a rewrite and Art's patch is a temporary workaround.
    • ACTION ITEM: dbs will create separate branches for 2.0/2.1 that focus just on unnest()

Also a list of bugs with "pullrequest" tags that may also contain patches

  1. 790916 is ready to go into 2.0 according to dbs
    • ACTION ITEM: bshum (Ben Shum) will complete another test of the patch.
  1. gmcharlt suggested that we have a pullrequests review meeting opposite to dev meetings.
    • ACTION ITEM: Needs to be discussed on the mailing list.

Evergreen release statuses

  1. Evergreen release status:
    1. 1.6.1.x (current release = - DEFERRED TO NEXT MEETING.
      1. Bugs targeted to
    2. 2.0.x (current release = 2.0.6) - DEFERRED TO NEXT MEETING.
      1. Bugs targeted to 2.0.7
    3. 2.1.x
      1. eeevil is welcome to roll 2.1-rc at his leisure hopefully early next week. (See Agenda 3-11)
    4. Most recently reported bugs - DEFERRED TO NEXT MEETING.
    • ACTION ITEM: Release cutting needs to be better documented - See 3-1

Next meeting

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