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Developer meeting: July 19, 2011

Meeting takes place on IRC on the #evergreen channel on Freenode. See the Calendar for specific dates and times.

Held at

  • 09:00:00 a.m. Tuesday July 19, 2011 in America/Los_Angeles
  • 12:00:00 p.m. Tuesday July 19, 2011 in Canada/Eastern
  • 16:00:00 Tuesday July 19, 2011 in UTC

Last meeting:

Logs and minutes

  • Minutes will be supplied in this document after the meeting finishes.

Prior to the meeting

  • Please fill out Who's who if you want to be identified more readily in the future


  1. Determine the taker of minutes: moodaepo (Anoop Atre)
  2. Determine meeting leader: dbs (Dan Scott)
  3. Announcement: A new committer is joining the Evergreen dev community family, Thomas Berezansky (tsbere) who works for the Merrimack Valley Library Consortium in Massachusetts.
  4. Review action items
    1. gmcharlt to write up some ideas on improving git use and releases
      • STATUS: Done.
        • Start using "git -s" when cutting releases, -s also means that devs may want to do a key-signing party at some point.
        • Attempt to get funding for a code signing key for things like the windows client builds.
        • dbs had some thoughts on the sign-off section added by mrpeters-isl to dev:git, he suggested we "add a remote" instead of "add a branch", for example, and it's a one-time thing; and he leans towards cherry-pick + test rather than commit –amend unless it's just one commit.
    2. gmcharlt working on: LP 740320 and LP 520175 ( related work )
      • STATUS: Open.
      • ACTION ITEM: gmcharlt will respond when possible.
    3. dbs to poke jamesrf via email about: LP 780665 (spine labels assume LC)
      • STATUS: Done. jamesrf uploaded a patch as requested; dbs has tested and applied the patch.
    4. gmcharlt to review LP 787162, LP 758945
      • STATUS: Still in process, deferred to next.
    5. gmcharlt suggested that we have a pullrequests review meeting opposite to dev meetings (to be added to mailing list for discussion)
      • STATUS: Open.
        • Possibly have pullrequest meetings more frequently to supplement the committfests
        • tsbere noted that gmcharlt was thinking the weeks we don't have a dev meeting. So every tuesday at noon there would be a dev meeting or a pullrequest meeting.
      • ACTION ITEM: Still need to find a volunteer to confirm schedule, send out notification, and arrange other admin overhead stuff.
    6. phasefx will take an action for making a custom git command to spit out the invocation for checking out a specific branch from a specific repository
      • STATUS: Open.
      • ACTION ITEM: tsbere will be looking at custom git commands.
        # Have this be something like /usr/local/bin/git-url and invoke as "git url" while sitting in the checked out branch.
        # Not perfect.  For example, you may have the repo URL be something like while others may
        # need git://, or vice versa
        giturlbranch=`git branch --no-color 2> /dev/null | sed -e '/^[^*]/d' -e 's/* \(.*\)/\1/'`
        giturlrepo=`git config -l | grep ${giturlbranch}.remote | cut -f2 -d=`
        giturlrepourl=`git config -l | grep ${giturlrepo}.url | cut -f2 -d=`
        echo git add remote $giturlrepo $giturlrepourl
        echo git co -b $giturlbranch $giturlrepo/$giturlbranch
  5. Conifer held TT OPAC development days @ University of Windsor, June 27-29th. See notes here.

Patch review queue

We don't want to let submitted patches rot, here's a list of bugs with attached patches

Also a list of bugs with "pullrequest" tags that may also contain patches

New section of dev:git with some steps for adding a signoff.

A spreadsheet of bugs that could use some attention (statuses, confirmation, etc.) is available at

Evergreen release statuses

  1. Evergreen release status:
    1. 1.6.1.x (current release =
      1. Bugs targeted to
    2. 2.0.x (current release = 2.0.7)
      1. Need to mark 2.0.7 as closed and released on LP.
      2. Bugs targeted to 2.0.8
    3. 2.1.x (current release = 2.1-rc1)
      1. Status check

Next meeting

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