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Adding Local Documentation to the Official Documentation

  1. Add proposed or in process documentation to the outline in blue.
  2. Complete your documentation and makes the documentation available to appropriate open-ils mailing lists and (module) content coordinator. (The contact information for coordinators can be found here).
  3. (Module) content coordinator merges the documentation with existing documentation when necessary.
  4. (Module) content coordinator notifies AsciiDoc Conversion Coordinator that documents are ready for inclusion in DIG documentation.
  5. AsciiDoc Conversion Coordinator merges the documentation and updates the needed documentation wiki in green to indicate that the documentation is complete.

Adding Release Notes

  1. Compose summary of new features and add to release notes
  2. Notify DIG Release Coordinators and (module) Content Coordinators that release notes have been added
  3. DIG Release Coordinator contacts AsciiDoc Conversion Coordinator to create a hyperlink between release notes and DIG documentation
  4. AsciiDoc Conversion Coordinator updates wiki to indicate that the process for that section of release notes is complete.
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