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Conference 2017 DIG Meeting Summary

Documentation Interest Group meeting, in person.

April 7, 2017: 8:00 AM EST

Approximately 15 people attended.

Kathy Lussier led the meeting, assisted by Jeanette Lundgren.

We all introduced ourselves. A few participants are not using Evergreen yet, but expect their library will migrate in the near future.

Kathy explained a bit about the Docs Interest Group regarding regular monthly meetings on IRC, many ways to get involved (large and small). She also mentioned that we are looking for a new DIG Facilitator, who mostly organizes the meetings and posts a blank agenda for members to add items. They don't need to be familiar with AsciiDoc.

Everyone agreed that we miss Yamil (our former facilitator), who has stepped down to focus on other work.

Kathy showed how to find a doc bug on launchpad, opened the html docs page in question, found the file on GitHub, but was not able to edit the file because of uncooperative internet connection at the conference hotel.

  1. Finding a file on GitHub isn't foolproof. Kathy had trouble finding the exact docs file she needed, so she searched the repo for a few keywords, but it still provided unclear results. When she found the right result, it opened the file in the context of a specific commit, not a branch, so she wasn't able to edit it until she chose a branch.
  2. To make this easier, a direct link to the GitHub file could be added to the Launchpad bug. Or anyone can ask on IRC or the Docs email list and someone will help them find the right file.

Kathy showed the main DIG links on the main evergreen website

  1. Documentation -> Documentation Interest Group (goes to main DIG wiki page)
  2. Get Involved -> Communications -> IRC -> Web Gateway

Kathy gave a handout which included:

  • how to join DIG (DIG email list, DIG wiki page)
  • how to contribute (advertised Lynn's AsciiDoc presentation later that day, docs:todo page, how-to-contribute-docs page, EG github/docs link)

Kathy demonstrated the IRC web gateway

Kathy showed the DIG wiki pages for new features needing docs and docs sections needing changes to reflect the Web Staff Client. Kathy discussed the many opportunities for anyone to contribute.

One highlight of the meeting was when someone complained that we aren't able to easily borrow Sitka docs because they write in DocBook, which we can't easily convert to AsciiDoc….. then minutes later Dan Scott announced that he found a way to convert them to AsciiDoc using pandoc. See his working branch here:;a=shortlog;h=refs/heads/user/dbs/sitka_docs_in_asciidoc

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