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Evergreen Reports Taskforce Meeting Agenda: 2011-06-08

Time: 2:30 pm Eastern

Place: #Evergreen IRC channel. Anyone interested in reports is welcome to attend.

  1. Volunteer for Minutes/Introductions
  2. Old Business and updates
    1. Evergreen-Reports List: Thanks to Chris Sharp, PINES
    2. Reports Wish List from the Reports Interest Group meeting at the 2011 Evergreen Conference
    3. PINES/GPLS Reports RFP
    4. Tim Spindler and reports sharing: MassLNC Report Templates
    5. Documentation
      1. Please review what exists and submit what is needed to Jenny (jennifer.turner(at)
      2. Need confirmation that Exporting Report Templates using phpPgAdmin works in 2.0
    6. 3rd Party Reporting Tools:
      1. Where should this list go?
      2. How should we organize the list?
      3. Volunteers to start?
    7. Anything else from past meetings?
  3. New Business
    1. Evergreen Taskforce Activities: Volunteers to review/write?
    2. IRC meeting review: format for next meeting?
    3. Other new business

Next meeting: July 13, 2011, format TBD.

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