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Evergreen Report Interest Group Meeting: 2022-06-16

  • Thursday, June 16, 2022 at 1:30 PM at the Evergreen International Conference


  1. Welcome! What the heck is this group?
    1. We meet the last Wednesday of every month to talk about all things reports!
    2. Organizing committee: We want YOU!
  2. New standing agenda items:
    1. Report-related wins!
    2. Report-related struggles
      1. Cleaning up recurring reports - how to manage recurring reports based on old templates?
        1. PINES got rid of 11,000 recurring reports from deleted staff accounts
        2. Run reports for libraries on recurring so that they can clean them up and cancel them.
      2. Reports rated poorly on Bibliomation user surveys. Opportunity to clean up templates and cull out list of shared reports, especially with Simple Reports incoming.
  3. Are third-party reporting tools within the scope of the Reports Interest Group?
    1. Yes!
    2. TADL uses Jasper Reports
    3. KCLS uses Power BI
    4. Let's get some links to resources on these on the wiki (and maybe invite these folks to speak at a meeting!)
  4. Project: Wiki cleanup
    1. Goals:
      1. Update and cleanup info that's already there
        1. Start over and/or remove a lot of pages. Link back to old version if necessary
      2. Create a "hub" for information on Evergreen reports
        1. Link to documentation, conference presentations, and Launchpad bugs with reports tag
        2. Get sample reports posted as a starting point for new libraries/consortia to Evergreen
        3. Link to resources on third-party reporting tools
    2. Questions:
      1. Do we need/want to keep both the Evergreen reports wiki page and the Interest Group page?
        1. No - consolidate! Make the Interest group page the main. Ruth will do (thank you!)
      2. How do we make those cool menus that other interest group pages? Examples: Catalogers Interest Group and New Developers Group.
        1. Create new page sidebar. Ruth will do as part of the consolidation.
      3. Who do we talk to about deleting pages?
        1. Outreach
        2. Recommend deprecating/archiving rather than deleting
        3. Candidates for deletion:
          1. Wish List - let's just use Launchpad!
          2. Development Projects - again, Launchpad
          3. Posting Guidelines - we'll create new guidelines for templates and SQL
    3. Sample Templates
      1. Main page with links out by topic? (as with the SQL page?
      2. Link to Acq Reports from the acq interest group, and perhaps use for inspiration/guidelines
        1. Put these on main pages for posting templates and SQL, have different guidelines for templates and SQL
          1. For SQL, designate whether it is read-only or needs read/write access, and make it friendly for PG Admin, not just for command line.
          2. Screen shots of display fields and filters are helpful for report templates
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