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Governance: Document and resource archive

This page hosts drafts and previous versions of Evergreen governance documents. The current authoritative documents can be found on the Governance Committee page.

Software Freedom Conservancy application

Our application to join the Software Freedom Conservancy has been provisionally accepted; we are now working on the Fiscal Sponsorship Agreement to set up the formal relationship of the Evergreen project as a member of the Conservancy.

Who shall sign?

The Software Freedom Conservancy requested a finalized list of people who will sign the Fiscal Sponsorship Agreement. The Conservancy indicated that they prefer people to sign as individuals, but for those people who believe they must sign on behalf of an organization, the Conservancy would like the organization identified and the rationale for signing on behalf of an organization rather than as an individual.

Rules of Governance

As of March 3, 2011, the Rules of Governance are being maintained in AsciiDoc format in the Evergreen Community Contributions repository so that the evolution of the document(s) can be tracked. Instructions for generating PDF and HTML versions can be found in the README file in the same directory.

Previous drafts include:

Background resources

Non-profit structures

  • Podcast discussing non-profit organization structures in the United States and their reporting requirements, with some discussion about the difference between 501©(3) and 501©(6).

Examples of other free/open-source foundations

Software Freedom Conservancy member project governance models

    • SugarLabs formed a seven-member "Oversight Board" responsible for the regular operations of the project (and explicitly _not_ getting involved in technical discussions); the board has regular meetings via IRC that are open, publicly logged, and posted
    • the members of the SugarLabs Oversight Board all sign the agreement with the Conservancy, but choose one member of the Oversight Board to represent the project in their communications with the Conservancy
  • Inkscape project has just one representative who signed the Conservancy agreement - of course, he is one of the founders of the Inkscape project, so there's a high level of trust implicit in that relationship. In general, Inkscape seems to have less formal structure ( seems to ssum that up - lightweight but with well defined roles).
  • Wine ( Also note the Wine conference tie-in (which might be of interest to the broader governance committee):
  "... all spending by the SFC on Wine's behalf for the last few years
  has been related to Wineconf.  That has either been to pay for
  conference expenses directly (as in Reading, 2 years ago), or to help
  defray travel costs for Wine contributors to come to Wineconf (as
  happened this year)"
  • Twisted Software Foundation ( - very informal. Note the push for sponsorship, with the benefit of getting front-page linkage from the project home page dangled for such sponsorship, along with the (far more dubious to me) access to a "sponsor-only mailing list".

Other free software project governance models

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