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Evergreen for Academics


Proposed by Fenway Libraries Online (FLO) - July 2014

Evergreen for Academics would be composed of any individuals or institutions that have an interest in enhancing the academic-related functions of Evergreen. Once formed, the group will identify the academic-related functions that most need attention and work to build knowledge, consensus, and resources to move moving these issues forward. So far we have identified a few of the possible issues, such as streamlined creation and management of authority records, enhanced search and browse by authority, support for multiple subject heading schema, improved staff workflows and possible improvements to course reserves integration. This list is by no means exhaustive and needs the participation of the Evergreen community to improve and refine it.

Areas of Interest

  • streamlined creation and management of authority records (FLO)
  • enhanced search and browse by authority (FLO)
  • support for multiple subject heading schema (FLO)
  • improved staff workflows (FLO)
  • improvements to course reserves integration (FLO)
  • improve RDA support in EG (Berklee)
    • wiki page for RDA
  • Batch Patron Functions - support for loading and updating patron records (NOBLE)
    • UI for batch patron loading
    • Note from Gordana email 7/224/14 - When we went up with Evergreen in 2010, we contracted with Alpha G for a daily patron information import program to work between Evergreen and PeopleSoft. Unfortunately, they weren't in a position to make it open source. But I wonder if it's something that many institutions are interested in, that they would be willing to work with the libraries to create a piece based on what they did that would be freely available with Evergreen? We import patron info nightly and it's pretty much seamless. I don't really worry about it and am happy with what it does.
  • LDAP authentication
  • Acquisitions: Order Types - Types like firm orders, periodical renewals, standing orders for monographic series, blanket orders, multi-part monographs
  • Acquisitions: EDI periodical renewals. We would really like to see electronic invoicing and ordering work for our EBSCO subscriptions.
  • PAC Academic Flavor - It might be nice to offer a different look to the PAC that defaults to a fuller bibliographic description.
  • PAC Federated searching - I would love to not have to spend many thousands of dollars annually, for EBSCO Discover.
  • Cataloging: Volumes - The way that volume numbering is treated in Evergreen needs to be revisited in the light of publications that have Fascicles/Volumes/Parts that need to be reflected on a single call number.
  • Citation management - two options: export to citation manager or generating the citations for display in Evergreen, possibly using something like to generate citations in correct format.
  • Reports: Out of the box reports that deal with the specific kinds of statistics required by Accrediting Agencies, and other academic-type reports
  • Improved LC call number sorting and searching in call number search (Berklee)
  • Improvements to In-House Use - provide for uploading a file of barcodes like the item status screen does. This would allow a hand-held device to be used to scan barcodes to a file and then upload them to the in-house use screen. It would be beneficial to have a field display on the item status screen that shows the accumulated in-house usage for a copy.
  • Inventory functionality – at the very least, provide an inventory date column in asset.copy to be viewed in the item status screen.
  • Improvements for loading electronic resources – The ability to frequently load records for electronic materials and to manage the collections is critical for academic libraries. The process using Batch import in the client and using tools like MARC stream importer is slow. We also need robust methods for deleting Located URIs when subscriptions end and for updating Located URIs without losing statistics (see Bug 1482757

Results of Fall 2014 Survey

(Draft) Goal matrix

Goal Who is interested difficulty current state
Cataloging: Authorities Management
Cataloging: Volumes
Course Reserves
Batch Patron Loading and deleting
LDAP Authentication
Acquisitions: Order Types
Acquisitions: EDI periodical renewals
PAC: Authorities functions
PAC: Academic flavor
PAC: Federated searching
Reports: Canned Academic Specific
PAC: LC call number search and sorting
Booking module

Interested Libraries

  • Asbury Seminary
  • Berklee College of Music - Yamil Suarez
  • BC Libraries Cooperative (we currently have 5 academic libraries in our consortium)
  • Calvin College, Hekman Library - Francene Lewis
  • CW/MARS - Timothy Spindler
  • Fenway Libraries Online - Walter Stine, Kelly Drake
  • Linn-Benton Community College - Jane Sandberg
  • NOBLE - Elizabeth Thomsen, Martha Driscoll, Ron Gagnon
  • University of Prince Edward Island
  • MassLNC - Kathy
  • Niagara College - Niagara Evergreen Consortium - Gordana Vitez
  • Quinsigamond Community College, Alden Library - Denise Cross

Academic Customizations

Meeting Agendas/Minutes

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