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Authorities in Evergreen

This page has been created as an initial place to keep track of issues related to authorities in EG. The current content is just suggestions, and will get updated after the Evergreen 2013 conference.

Roadmap Ideas

Development Ideas / Wishlist

  • Create a standard set of test authority data for developers and testers to use so everyone is on the same page. Perhaps add the data to the existing EG "concerto"data set or keep it separate, but still simple to add when doing a clean install with"eg_db_config" (suggested by Berklee College)
    • UPDATE: 72 auth records were added to "Concerto" dataset in 2013
    • Still need test authority sample files that have tags that implement "see" and "see also" references.
  • Develop a new version of "did you mean" for TPAC that, like the JSPAC version, it used authority data matches for its suggestions (suggested by Berklee College)
  • Add the functionality to overlay Authorities when importing through Vandelay/EG client. Currently only bibs overlay (suggested by Berklee College) See this wishlist bug,
    • UPDATE: This feature is included in Evergreen 2.8
  • Add the ability for catalogers (or patrons) to run a keyword search on authority records. Currently the cataloging "manage authorities" interface is only a browse, therefore you need to know the beginning of the spelling of the authority that you need to find. (suggested by Berklee College)
  • Ability to create a new authority record without needing to use a bib record
  • Add "audit tables" support to authorities to track changes to individual authorities over time, just like the audit tables on bib records.
  • Improve how "uniform titles" are handled in "manage authorities"
  • Have "manage authorities" display in its search results "see" and "see also" references, instead of having to look inside each authority record.
  • Improve how "see" and "see also" references are displayed when using the "bib MARC edit" context menu (right-click) to add a new authority link. Need to find a way to display the seemingly redundant "see" and "see also" references. We want a way to make it look more clear and less redundant.
  • Move bib-to-authority and authority-to-authority linking functions into the database - the linking of authority records is currently handled by two outside scripts that need to be run on a regular basis. An improvement would be to handle this linking in the database and for the linking to happen as authority and bib records are saved or otherwise added to the database. See this wishlist bug,
  • Add possibility of importing single authority record via Z39.50, see
  • Allow for authority templates

Ongoing development and experiments



This link searches the Launchpad site for bugs that mention the word "authorities"

Meeting Notes

Older Authorities Wiki Pages (pre-2013)

Respect my authorities Page intro: "Spurred by the International Institute of Social History, which needs to act as a source of authorities to the rest of the world, we hope to implement the following features by the end of August 2010, with Evergreen 2.0 as the integration target"

Authorities in Evergreen 2.0

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