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Angular Staff Catalog Notes

Launchpad Bug Searches

Angular Staff Catalog History

  • 2022/04/12 Angular Staff Catalog Launchpad Discussion Notes from monthly Cat IG call
  • 2021/11/05 LP#1888723 Version 3.8: Holdings and Item Attributes Editors (VolCopy) Angular Port
  • 2020/10/13 Presentation on Angular Staff Catalog Development History Timeline
  • 2020/02/21 Angular Staff Catalog wiki page updated by Bill Erickson to reflect features available in Evergreen 3.4 when the experimental staff catalog is enabled
  • 2019/12/10 Video to demo Undo/Redo buttons along with Context Menus and Help button

Launchpad bugs to watch:

From January 2022 Cat IG Meeting

  • #1956626 - Shelving locations in holdings editor only workstation library (fix released in 3.9.0 & 3.8.1)
  • #1956627 - System level workstation displays only consortia owned shelving locations (fix committed)
  • #1956790 - Holding template with item alert breaks save (fix committed)
  • #1956986 - Adding item alerts in item attributes fails (fix committed)
  • #1955065 - Cannot delete notes in holdings editor (fix committed)

From April 2022 Cat IG Meeting

  • #1814966 - Web client- no popup warning for invalid barcode (Checkdigit isn’t working)
  • #1861701 - Angular Staff Catalog copy location group filtering support
  • #1910773 - Staff Catalog does not observe OPAC Visible org unit attribute
  • #1934018 - Angular Staff Catalogue: More Link Missing from Facets
  • #1943744 - Angular Staff Catalog Preferences Should Include Checkboxes, Sort Order
  • #1949110 - Angular Staff Catalog: add option to display full name in org unit selector (see duplicate bug #1771636 for resolution, fix committed)
  • #1956619 - Holdings editor differs depending on access method (pullrequest)
  • #1959010 - Angular Catalog should include "Summary" Tab; C/W MARS signed dev agreement
  • #1965448 - Angular Holdings editor not honoring required stat cat (fix committed)
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