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Angular Staff Catalog Notes

UPDATED (2020/02/21): Angular Staff Catalog wiki page

Bill Erickson updated the wiki to reflect the state of the project after all the good 3.4 stuff was added. Except where otherwise noted, this document reflects features available in Evergreen 3.4 when the experimental staff catalog is enabled (via library setting).

History of the Angular Staff Catalog

  • 2020/10/13 Presentation on Angular Staff Catalog Definition, Description, and Development Timeline

Video Demo of Angular MARC Editor

  • 2019/12/10 Video to demo Undo/Redo buttons along with Context Menus and Help button

Launchpad Bug Searches

See specific Launchpad bugs:

Launchpad Bug # Description Status
1823367 ItemAngular staff catalog post-3.3 omnibus – Includes links to several other related bugs for the Angular catalog Fix Released
1834665 Angular MARC editor pt.1 – Flat Text Editor Fix Released
1839670 Angular Staff Catalog identifier and publication info Fix Released
1840982 Angular catalog holdings view suffers from material icon formatting issue Fix Released
1837478 Angular staff catalog recent searches & search templates Fix Released
1839670 Angular staff catalog identifier and publication info Fix Released
1838561 Angular MARC Flat Text Editor MarcEdit Breaker Support (Making it easier to copy/paste between the Flat Text Editor and Terry Reese's MarcEdit software) New
1850546 Experimental catalog: better workflow for the call number browse New
1852782 Angular MARC Editor Part 2 – Enriched Editor (with MARC edit undo/redo question) New
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