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Cataloging Interest Group

The Cataloging Working Group meets online on the 2nd Tuesday of each month. All interested parties are encouraged to attend. For updates, notifications, and discussion please subscribe to the Evergreen-catalogers mailing list.

Meeting Notes

Date Agenda/Minutes Recordings Program / Discussion Topics
14 Feb 2023 Agenda/Minutes Recording Valentine's Day Cataloging Camaraderie: Open Discussion Forum
17 Jan 2023 Agenda/Minutes Recording MARCEdit Overview and Demo with Use Case Examples (slides)
13 Dec 2022 Agenda/Minutes Recording Year-End Ponderings (Bugs, Fixes, and Workarounds)
25 Oct 2022 Agenda/Minutes Not recorded Item Status Screen Improvements (Hack-A-Way session)
11 Oct 2022 Agenda/Minutes Recording What Bugs are Haunting You? Launchpad Bug Review and Open Discussion Forum
13 Sept 2022 Agenda/Minutes Recording (transcript) Imagining the Future of Collection Development and Cataloging Dashboards; Reports IG Sample Reports
09 Aug 2022 Agenda/Minutes Recording Authorities Revisited with Mike Rylander; see notes for Authorities Resources
12 Jul 2022 Agenda/Minutes Recording PaILS Group Holds Demo; 2022 Evergreen Online Conference Review
16 Jun 2022 2022 Evergreen Conference Cataloging Interest Group Meeting
10 May 2022 Agenda/Minutes Recording Conference Planning, including Authority-Fest; Open Discussion Forum
12 Apr 2022 Agenda/Minutes Recording Cataloger Survey Results; Angular Staff Catalog revisited with special guest, Bill Erickson (related lp bug notes)
08 Mar 2022 Agenda/Minutes Recording Evergreen Holdings Templates (slides) and (Holdings Template wish list doc)
08 Feb 2022 Agenda/Minutes Recording Documentation Project & Launchpad Basics
11 Jan 2022 Agenda/Minutes Recording 2021 Year in Review (doc) and 2022 Planning
16 Nov 2021 Agenda/Minutes Recording Highlights from New Releases 3.8.0, 3.7.2, and 3.6.5 (slides)
10 Oct 2021 Agenda/Minutes Recording General Updates, Launchpad Bug Highlights & Open Forum
14 Sept 2021 Agenda/Minutes Recording Alternative Subject Headings (slides)
13 Jul 2021 Agenda/Minutes Recording CWG Wiki Review; Demo: Record Bucket Query
15 Jun 2021 Agenda/Minutes Recording Evergreen Conference Review & Current Angular Launchpad Bugs
26 May 2021 2021 Evergreen Conference Cataloging Interest Group Meeting
20 Apr 2021 Agenda/Minutes Recording Introduction to Evergreen 3.7; Demo: MARC Batch Edit (slides)
09 Mar 2021 Agenda/Minutes Recording Demo: MARC::Lint by Galen Charlton (slides)
09 Feb 2021 Agenda/Minutes Recording Discussion & Demo: Angular Holdings & Item Attribute Editor with Bill Erickson
12 Jan 2021 Agenda/Minutes Recording 2020 Year in Review (doc) & New Year Planning
10 Nov 2020 Agenda/Minutes Recording Discussion & Demo: Evergreen 3.6 Release
13 Oct 2020 Agenda/Minutes Recording Presentation: Angular Staff Catalog Timeline (slides)
15 Sept 2020 Agenda/Minutes Recording CWG Survey Results; Search & Icon Formats & RDA
11 Aug 2020 Agenda/Minutes Recording Presentation: New Feature Highlights in 3.4 & 3.5 (slides); and Introduction to 3.6 Release
14 Jul 2020 Agenda/Minutes Recording Discussion & Demo: Evergreen Experimental Staff Catalog with Bill Erickson
10 Mar 2020 Agenda/Minutes Recording Presentation: Creating Development Requirements by Andrea Buntz Neiman (slides)
11 Feb 2020 Agenda/Minutes Recording Hotkeys in the Web Client, Missing Fixed Fields, RDA Elements
14 Jan 2020 Agenda/Minutes Recording Year in Review; 2020 Dev - Angular MARC Editor with Bill Erickson

See Previous Meeting Notes

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