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Authorities Working Group

The Authorities Working Group (AWG) is a subcommittee of the Evergreen Cataloging Interest Group. The AWG was formed in late 2022 in an effort to continue the work of the online Authority-Fest held in June of that year.

We are always looking for new members to join the effort! The group holds monthly online meetings. Check the community calendar for meeting dates.

General inquiries about the AWG can be directed to co-organizer Carol Witt of C/W MARS at or to any of the current AWG members.

Upcoming Meetings

Next Authorities Working Group Meeting:

  • Thursday, July 11, 2024 at 2:00pm (Eastern) – regular monthly meeting
  • Starting times across timezones:
  • 11:00 am (Pacific) – 12:00 pm (Mountain) – 1:00pm (Central) – 2:00pm (Eastern) – 3:00pm (Atlantic)

Authority Launchpad Bugs

Library of Congress Resources:

Other Resources:

Shared Community Presentations and Library Documentation

Authority-Fest 2022

The 2022 Authority-Fest was sponsored by the Evergreen Cataloging Interest Group as part of the June Evergreen Hackfest that followed the 2022 Evergreen International Online Conference. Resources from the Authority-Fest are provided here.

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