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Launchpad bugs with staffcatalogblocker tag

Bugs that block the adoption of the Angular Staff Catalog:

  1. LP# #1906462 - Angular catalog serials menu doesn't include Quick Receive - multiple rounds of dev & testing; still needs work
  2. LP# #1910773 - Angular Staff Catalog does not observe Custom Org Unit Trees or Org Units Do Not Inherit Visibilty global flag - now two separate bugs, see new LP#2063849
  3. LP# #1918183 - hold groups: add support to Angular staff catalog
  4. LP# #1932350 - Angular staff catalog facets are effectively hard-coded
  5. LP# #1908623 - Angular Staff Catalog: Copy table sort order - some testing; still needs work
  6. LP# #1908622 - Angular Staff Catalog: Can't Place Metaholds
  7. LP# #1957115 - Standalone Holdings Template Editor / Angular Edition
  8. LP# #2032665 - Angular Staff Catalog: Incorporate Shelving Location Groups in Org Unit Selector
  9. LP# #2063849 - Option needed to Honor OPAC Visibility in the Staff Catalog Search Library Selector


  1. LP# #1861701 - Angular staff catalog copy location group filtering support - PaILS contracted with Equinox for dev work; testing began early 2024; marked as duplicate of #1949109 (wishlist: add Library Groups to Angular Staff Catalog); - Fixed in 3.13-beta
  2. LP# #1934018 - Angular Staff Catalogue: More Link Missing from Facets - Fixed, 3.12 & 3.11.2
  3. LP# #1939162 - Added content cache can't be cleared in angular - Fixed, 3.12.2 & 3.11.4
  4. LP# #1929565 - Angular Catalog view holds - sort by Status, CN Suffix, and CN Prefix results in an error - closed; committed fix for bug 1889133 and created follow up bug 2051037 for Hold status display and sorting issue
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