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Authorities in Evergreen 2.0

You can load authority records into your Evergreen instance and use those authority records to control the fields in bibliographic records.

Features in Evergreen 2.0

Some of the authority-oriented features in Evergreen 2.0 include:

  • Following the Library of Congress standard, a field in a bibliographic record is controlled by an authority record when it contains a ‡0 subfield. In Evergreen, the system control number in the ‡0 subfield is always interpreted as the local ID for the authority record.
  • When an authority record is edited or merged with another authority record, changes in authority records are automatically propagated to linked bibliographic records.
  • A user interface for managing authorities, including searching, editing, merging, and deleting authorities.
  • A script for linking fields in a set of uncontrolled bibliographic records to a set of authority records.

Limitations of authorities in Evergreen 2.0

Some of the limitations of authorities in Evergreen 2.0 include:

  • "Manage authorities" searches only match the 1XX fields of authority records. "MARC Editor" context menu searches search the 4XX and 5XX fields that correspond to the 1XX fields.
    • Field mappings for authority searches are currently hard-coded into the following categories:
      • Author: 100‡a, 110‡a, 111‡a
      • Subject: 148‡a, 150‡a, 151‡a, 155‡a
      • Title: 130‡a
      • Topic: 150‡a
  • Authority records can only control bibliographic records; no linkage from authority record to authority record is currently supported. So, for example, an authority record containing a 5XX see also from field cannot have that field controlled by the appropriate authority record that contains the value as its 1XX field.

Common authority tasks

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