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Currently, a rewrite is happening here: /ILS/Open-ILS/xul/staff_client/ (SVN).

If you have feedback, advice, code, etc., then please join our mailing lists (! Or alternatively, mail us at

My current to-do list is here: staff_client_todo

Inside the staff client (for Developers and Admins)

Scratch Pad

  • Listing barcodes for open copy transits via sql:
     SELECT b.barcode, c.shortname, a.* FROM action.transit_copy AS a, asset.copy AS b, actor.org_unit AS c WHERE a.target_copy = AND = a.dest AND dest_recv_time IS NULL;
  • Listing patron's and barcodes for open circulations via sql:
    SELECT c.usrname, b.barcode, FROM "action".circulation AS a, asset.copy AS b, actor.usr AS c WHERE a.usr = AND a.target_copy = AND xact_finish IS NULL;
  • List holds ready for pickup:
    SELECT u.usrname, c.barcode, FROM action.hold_request AS h, asset.copy AS c, actor.usr AS u WHERE h.current_copy = AND h.usr = AND h.fulfillment_time IS NULL;
  • List permission groups having a specific permission via sql:
    SELECT FROM permission.grp_tree AS t WHERE IN ( SELECT grp FROM permission.grp_perm_map WHERE perm = (SELECT id FROM permission.perm_list WHERE code = 'COPY_IS_REFERENCE.override') );
  • List permissions for a specific permission group via sql:
    SELECT code, depth, grantable, a.description FROM permission.grp_perm_map AS c, permission.perm_list AS a, permission.grp_tree AS b WHERE grp = AND perm = AND = 'Circ1';
  • How to update just the xul on a brick in production:
    ~/ -a detach_brick
    ~/ -a update_cvs
    ~/ -a build_xul -x <NEW_XUL_DIR>
    ~/ -a attach_brick
  • How to update the whole shebang on a brick in production:
    cd /root/scripts/ ; ./ -u -x <NEW_XUL_DIR>
  • New ways to update production:
    Fetch a bundle as opensrf:
    ./ -u -f Evergreen-ILS- -a fetch
    Full update as root:
    ./ -u -f Evergreen-ILS-
  • To start clark kent (reporting) on fw3 (db03):
    su postgres -c 'PERL5LIB=/openils/lib/perl5/ /openils/bin/ -c 4 -d'
  • An example of rolling back the XUL on a brick:
    su - opensrf -c 'cd /openils/var/web/xul/ ; ls -l sc_v100_rc2 ; rm sc_v100_rc2 ; ln -s sc_v100_rc2-50 sc_v100_rc2 ; ls -l sc_v100_rc2'
  • Using autogen to update static files:
    su opensrf -c "cd /openils/bin/ && ./ ../conf/bootstrap.conf"
  • is for bricks, is for a single box
  • in srfsh, to see applications/services registered with the router, enter:
    request router

Viewing Reports via web browser

  • In command line go to where you have the srf shell configured and type in srfsh.
    user@computer:~$ srfsh
  • Login to it:
    srfsh# login admin open-ils
  • If you had a successful login you will see something like this:
    Received Data: {
    	"desc":" ",
  • Keep the terminal open and go to a browser (with OpenSRF and Evergreen running) and go to:
  • Click on the oils_report.xhtml link. You should see "You are logged in as" and "Loading…"
  • In the address bar you see "https://localhost/reports/oils_rpt.xhtml" add the following onto it
  • And after the equals sign paste in the "authtoken" that you got from logging in with the srf shell (which should still be open)
  • You should now be able to see the reports pages and use the interface
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