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EDI Info & Troubleshooting

  • Your vendor is expecting to receive certain EDI segments in your EDI files. That's why the INCLUDE_EMPTY fields are available in EDI Attributes. You can't just opt out of sending those segments on a per-order basis, even if there's no value to be sent. I.E. If you normally send shelving location, but didn't assign shelving location on one item, you still have to send the blank value otherwise your whole order will fail.
  • There are some segments that are only specific to a particular type of EDI message. For example, MOA+86 is the total invoice amount, so it's only present in invoice EDI messages.


Use of uninitialized value $c{"buyer_code"} in concatenation (.) or string at /usr/local/share/perl/5.22.1/OpenILS/Utils/ line 454.

You are missing a value in your EDI account in the Vendor Account field.

If using EDI attributes and using the BUYER_ID_ONLY_VENDCODE or BUYER_ID_INCLUDE_VENDCODE options, you might also be missing a value in the Vendor Code field of your EDI account.

All line items on your order are canceled at once when you get back the order response

  • Check the provider that you ordered it through–is it the right one?
  • Check that the provider you ordered it through is the correct type–if you're ordering AV items and you choose a Books-only account, the vendor will auto-cancel the order
  • Check in Acquisitions Administration>EDI Accounts that your EDI account(s) are associated with the correct provider
  • Go to Acquisitions Administration>Providers, select the provider that you ordered through, and go to the EDI tab. Make sure that (1) the correct EDI account is listed and, (2) that it is set TRUE as the Default EDI account.
create_acq_invoice_from_edi(…, <acq.edi_message #XXXXX>): unable to determine buyer (org unit) in invoice; buyer_san=XXXXXX; buyer_acct= at /usr/local/share/perl/5.26.1/OpenILS/Application/Acq/ line 1050.

Reason: Evergreen couldn't find a match for the library SAN in the EDI message to one of your libraries' SANs.

  • Go to Server Administration>Organizational Units for your ordering agency org unit.
  • Go to the Addresses tab, then Mailing Address.
  • Make sure that (1) your SAN is listed here, (2) it has an Address Type listed, and (3) "Is Valid?" is checked.
put FAILED: put to failed with error: Can't call method "put" on an undefined value at /usr/local/share/perl/5.30.0/OpenILS/Utils/ line 587.

Reason: Evergreen isn't able to either connect or login to the vendor's FTP site.

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