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Acquisitions Interest Group

The Acquisitions Interest Group came into being April 2013 at the International Evergreen conference.

At the Evergreen Conference in April 2016 the AIG decided to try a new form of member engagement. Rather than holding quarterly meetings on IRC each month an acquisitions bug will be featured in an email to this list. This will bring more exposure to some of the acquisitions bugs that have a large impact on acquisitions libraries and their workflows and allow acquisitions staff to engage as time permits, rather than at a specified time.

The third iteration of the AIG was started at the Evergreen Conference in April 2019, following the example of the Cataloging Working Group. For the time being, meetings are held once a month on the second Wednesday of the month at 3:00pm.

Next Meeting

October 13, 2021 @ 3:00pm Eastern / 2pm Central / 12pm Pacific.



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