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Acquisitions LaunchPad Bugs

Current Development

The major development currently affecting Acquisitions is the Angularization of the Acquisitions module. This involves re-coding the Acquisitions module from the old Dojo framework into the Angular language, which is the programming language the rest of the client is being coded in.

The project has been split into 10 different sprints, or sections, due to the amount of work involved. The work is being funded by the Evergreen Community Development Initiative (ECDI) Committee. Although the sprints are numbered sequentially, the work is being undertaken as priorities and funding allow.

  • Sprint 0 - Infrastructure and Tool-building (complete)
  • Sprint 1 - Providers (Included in 3.6)
  • Sprint 2 - Administration (Included in 3.8) (LP1904244)
    • Currency Type, Exchange Rates
    • Funds
    • Funding Sources
    • Claim Event Types, Claim Policies, Claim Policy Actions, Claim Types
    • Distribution Formulas
    • EDI Attribute Sets
  • Sprint 3 - Search (Included in 3.6)
  • Sprint 4 - Purchase Orders/Line Items (Committed for 3.10)(LP1929741)
  • Sprint 5 - Selection lists and brief record creation (Committed for 3.10) (LP1929741)
  • Sprint 6 - MARC Order management (Committed for 3.10) (LP1929749)
  • Sprint 7 - Patron requests and EDI messages (In current development) (LP1988993)
  • Sprint 8 - Invoices and claiming
  • Sprint 9 - Staff catalog integration (Committed for 3.10)
  • Sprint 10 - Bugfixing and polishing

New Features & Recent Bugfixes

3.6 Series

Release Notes

  • Angular Acquisitions Search
  • Angular Providers Interface

3.5 Series

Release Notes

  • Actions Menu wording update to Selection Lists (3.5.2)

3.4 Series

Release Notes

  • Actions Menu wording update to Selection Lists (3.4.5)
  • Receiving from Search screen fix (3.4.2)

3.3 Series

3.2 Series

Release Notes

  • Purchase orders not opening in a new tab
  • The new EDI order pusher now only pushes POs with a state of "on-order"
  • Accessibility improvement in the Acquisitions administration interfaces
  • Introduction of Invoice Closed Date and Closed By fields
  • Auto-canellation of line items when all copies are cancelled
  • AngularJS rewrite of the Patron Acquisitions Request interface
  • Introduction of the new Acquisitions administration interfaces written in Angular
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