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Community meeting: December 21, 2010

To be held at:

  • 11:00:00 a.m. Tuesday December 21, 2010 in America/Los_Angeles
  • 02:00:00 p.m. Tuesday December 21, 2010 in Canada/Eastern
  • 07:00:00 p.m. Tuesday December 21, 2010 in UTC

Agenda and minutes

  1. (5 minutes) Introductions / roll call; paste "/me is <name> <affiliation>" to identify who you are and what organization, if any, you represent
  2. (2 min) Find volunteers to:
    • Run the meeting: Ben Shum
    • Take minutes: Dan Scott
  3. (10 min) Review action items from last meeting
    1. Create a list of specific areas where the DIG needs help in fleshing out information. [ Karen Collier ]
      • Status: Robert Soulliere created a list of specific areas where the documentation interest group needs help fleshing out details in the documentation and sent it by email to the development and documentation lists. Please volunteer to share some knowledge in one of those areas!
    2. Call for volunteers to update the Evergreen roadmap for some of the stuff beyond 2.0 [ No owner? ]
      • Status: Dan Scott offered to provide some information about hold-driven recalls
    3. Contact the Conservancy [ Dan Scott ]
      • Status: Contact has been made and is progressing nicely (see Governance Committee Report below)
    4. Follow-up on release of KCLS OPAC skin (forwarded action item from developer IRC meetings) [ Bill Erickson ]
      • Status: Skin will be released in a separate repository under a GPL v2+ license. Similar to the current default skin, it will have some hardcoded links to KCLS-specific resources and will probably assume various library settings. Interested parties should be able to adapt it to their own needs.
      • ACTION: Bill Erickson to let the community know when the repository is ready.
  4. (5 min) Communications committee:
    • What we have done is provide guidelines for other working groups to follow and made a couple minor suggestions about the current website (such as providing a link to the various working groups from the home page) but most of our focus has been on planning the new site. We hope to eventually have our own mailing list but are waiting on the PINES folks to get their servers squared away.
      • ACTION: Kathy Lussier to forward the canonical list of links for each working group to Dan Scott / Anoop Atre to create drop-down entries in the menu
    • Communication Committee meetings have moved to Wednesdays, 12:30 EST</code>
  5. (5 min) Website Team report and discussion:
    • The web team is proceeding with the planning process: see goals & strategies. We're now working on user stories and want to make sure we cover all the types of users who might use the web site. See user stories. You can post to the Evergreen list if you think we've missed anyone.
  6. (5 min) Conference committee [Chris Sharp + Amy Terlaga]:
    • The Evergreen International Conference is scheduled for April 27-30, in Decatur, GA. The call for program proposal submissions went out on Monday, 12/6. The deadline for program submissions is 1/14/11. To learn more about program submissions, go to So far we've only received 2 submissions.
    • Remember, you can make your hotel reservations on the conference website now.
  7. (5 min) Documentation Interest Group report:
    • The Documentation Interest Group will likely be planning an online meeting early in the New Year to take stock of our progress and make plans for future documentation efforts. If you're interested in participating with DIG on writing or editing documentation, please join the Documentation Discussion mailing list so you'll be kept up to date on meetings and opportunities to help.
    • The 1.6 documentation is linked to from the documentation page within We still have some areas we're working on in the 1.6 documentation, so we're leaving that labeled "draft" for now. Any suggestions on improvements or corrections can be reported via Launchpad or emailed to the documentation list. There are links to Launchpad within the documentation for that purpose.
    • We recently received our first contribution of version 2.0 specific documentation. Thank you to Lebbeous Fogle-Weekley for sharing documentation on the Alternate Serial Controls in Evergreen 2.0. If anyone else has 2.0 specific documentation in hand, we'd love to get a copy of it to add to the documentation project.
    • Also, if anyone would be able to make a test server running Evergreen 2.0 available to DIG for testing purposes, it would be a huge help to us in producing documentation on that version. At this point we're not seeing much progress on 2.0 documentation because many of our volunteers do not have access to a 2.0 server.
    • ACTION: Brian Feifarek (brian_f) offered to provide DIG with access to a 2.0 test server
  8. (5 min) Reports Taskforce report [Jenny Turner]
    • We last met Dec. 8. Meeting minutes from that and past meetings are here. Of particular note from the last meeting is our need for increased documentation on Reports (w/ DIG).
    • There will be at least one proposed session on reports for the 2011 Conference.
  9. (5 min) Developer report
    1. We have started to develop a release checklist (from the last Developer Meeting) along the following lines, and will need some volunteers to make it reality:
      1. release-lead cuts the release tarball and uploads to
      2. release-lead uploads the ChangeLog to
      3. staff-client-packager creates the Windows staff client and uploads to
      4. release-notes-writer puts final release notes on / into official documentation / wherever
      5. bug-wrangler changes "Fix committed" bugs to "Fix released" for that milestone
      6. bug-wrangler creates new milestone for that release
      7. web-team-member updates download page with new release
      8. communication-team-member announces release on mailing list / blog and updates wikipedia / freshmeat
      • Call for community volunteers for positions of: release-notes-writer, web-team-member and communication-team-member.
        • Anoop Atre offered to provide the web site updates when a release is cut
        • Amy Terlaga offered to update the mailing list / blog / wikipedia / freshmeat / etc when a release is cut
        • Anoop Atre offered to write release notes for releases - there was also some discussion about coordinating that with the DIG
        • Rough plan is to set up a release coordination mailing list so that the involved parties can have a direct communication channel and we can learn from the pioneers
        • ACTION: Mike Rylander to post the rough plan to the General list so that we can refine the plan and work out who will do what
    • Jason Stephenson from MVLC has volunteered as head bug-wrangler (quality assurance team lead) - hurray!
    • An "Evergreen Security Team" has been created on LaunchPad to respond to security vulnerability reports and discussions are underway about creating a closed mailing list to discuss problems.
    • Draft "Supported releases" document has been posted for discussion - please comment on the Evergreen General mailing list
    • Recent releases:
      • Evergreen
      • OpenSRF 1.6.2
      • Evergreen 2.0RC1 release is expected December 22, 2010
    • See also minutes from Developer IRC Meetings which have been held weekly for the past month
  10. (5 min) Governance Committee report [Dan Scott]
    • The Governance Committee has been in contact with the Software Freedom Conservancy about the proposed membership agreement, and Bradley Kuhn of the Conservancy has been engaged in discussions on the Evergreen governance mailing list. The major differences from the first draft that we submitted to the Conservancy are:
      • Rather than three representatives between the Evergreen project and the Conservancy, the Conservancy strongly prefers a single liaison to avoid communication overhead. The Governance Committee generally approved this change and has not yet decided who that representative will be.
      • Now that we understand how the Conservancy draws its percentage of donations, and there is the likelihood that conference funds and pooled development funds will flow through the Conservancy account, we're leaning towards offering 5% of project funds rather than 10%. The Conference Planning Committee will budget accordingly.
      • The wording of the agreement seems close to completion; Bradley Kuhn from the Conservancy will attend the next governance meeting (in January) to discuss any remaining concerns and hopefully come to an agreement. One of the last concerns is describing how the Evergreen Governance Committee (in the agreement referred to as the Evergreen Oversight Board) is replaced/changed/elected, but a suggested rewording from Sylvia Watson (Indiana) should enable us to bootstrap that process.
    • Minutes of the last Governance Committee meetings are available from:
  11. (5 min) Schedule next meeting:
    • January 25th, same time, same place
      • ACTION: Ben Shum will send a reminder about the meeting to the mailing list
      • ACTION: Dan Scott will add the meeting to the Evergreen calendar
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