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Developer meeting: October 2010

To be held at:

  • 11:00:00 a.m. Tuesday October 19, 2010 in America/Los_Angeles
  • 02:00:00 p.m. Tuesday October 19, 2010 in Canada/Eastern
  • 06:00:00 p.m. Tuesday October 19, 2010 in UTC

Last meeting: 2010-09


Raw IRC Log


Times are rough guides to the expected amount of time to be spent on each agenda item.

Each item other than "introductions" should have a designated lead. Feel free to put your name down beside an item if you know the topic and can lead a coherent discussion on it!

  1. (* min) Introductions (nick/name/affiliation) - fill out Who's who if you want to be identified more readily in the future
    1. Dan Scott to update Versioning - drafted
    2. Release notes and future expected features
    3. 2.0 alpha testing
    4. List projects in progress in a central location: Code repositories - drafted
    5. Follow up with DIG on integration between wiki pages and Book of Evergreen
    6. Web Committee member to email DIG list requesting contact info
    7. Report Taskforce to follow-up with Jeff & Ben on automation of reports
  2. (* min) Circ scripts – deprecate in 2.0 (not untenable)? kill them altogether (booooo!)? something else? – vs tsbere's due-date ceiling alternate implementation patch: where should it go?
    • trunk?
    • rel_2_0? (late in alpha and contains important, additive schema change, but code looks safe enough)
    • rel_1_6 for 1.6.2? (has a working version, though there are valid complains about the design going forward)
  3. (* min) Evergreen branches prior to 2.0 - status and plans
  4. (* min) 2.0 alpha4 to 2.0 gold - works in progress, discuss of what will make it in for general release, hash out schedule
  5. (* min) After Evergreen 2.0; roundup of projects that people are working on
  6. (* min) DIG report
  7. (* min) Reports Taskforce report
  8. (* min) Website Team report and discussion
  9. (* min) Governance Committee report and discussion (see Governance Structure)
  10. (* min) Schedule next meeting

* - times to be determined by IRC meeting leader

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