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1. Oversight Board Member Introductions

2. Minutes/Actions from last meeting -

  • Investigate OSS grants. (Sharon)
  • Update the ROG git repo (Mike)
  • Follow up with SFC (again) on ledger discrepancy (Amy)
    • Amy did this. -gd
  • Follow up with gmcharlt to get more ledger detail (Grace)
    • Defer to next meeting.
  • Add conflict of interest policy as an appendix in the git repo (Mike)
  • Add housekeeping changes to ROG git repo as proposed by terran and approved (Mike)
  • Work on a timeline for the EOB meetings at the Hackaway (Grace and Ruth)
  • Send email to the EOB re: travel stipends (Grace)
    • Vote completed.
  • Request revision on the GPLS page to point to the evergreen-ils page for Evergreen trademark (Terran)

3. Financial Update (Galen)

4. Committee Reports

  • Conference Committee
    • Update on the 2017 process. (Grace)
  • Outreach Committee Business (Kathy)
    • Minutes from our last Outreach Committee meeting are available at Evergreen Outreach Committee Meeting Notes. Highlights from the meeting are that Rogan is exploring the possibility of using a new vendor Spreadshirt - - to replace the Evergreen Zazzle shop. We are also turning our attention back to creating a conference kit that Evergreen community members can use at conferences where they are speaking about / promoting Evergreen.
    • The press release for 2.11 was sent to Marshall Breeding, Library Journal, ALA Direct and the ASIS&T Bulletin.
    • Our next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, October 25.
  • Release Manager's Report (Mike)

5. Other New Business

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