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Acquisitions and Serials Interfaces


Bibliographic Discovery and Retrieval

Data Sources

  • Z39.50
  • Evergreen Catalog
  • Atom Feeds
  • Vendor Web Services
  • MARC File Uploads
  • Manual MARC Entry
  • Evergreen Buckets

Interfaces and Workflows

  • Common Workflow
    • All interfaces will provide an option for naming the picklist at search time. If no name is chosen, a temporary picklist is assumed.
    • All search/upload results go into the chosen picklist
    • Search criteria are stored in the resultant picklist for later resumption
  • Z39.50 + Evergreen catalog discovery interface
    • Provide options to select which sources to include in the search
    • Provide search classes. These should be a union of the search fields provided across sources.
  • MARC File Upload
    • Provide a web form for selecting the file to upload
    • Parse the file inline or send to a local binary MARC -> MARCXML conversion web service

Picklist Builder

  • Presents a temporary list of results
  • Options
    • Add selected items to a new or existing picklist
    • Convert the entire set to a named picklist
    • Save the results as a saved search

Acquisitions Administration


  • General picklist management interfaces
  • Useful info to display
    • Real-time fund information
    • Information on how many of each item are already owned (at different org levels?)
  • Options
    • Searching/Sorting my PLs
    • Removing items from a PL
    • Batch delete PL
    • Generate purchase order from PL
      • When a PO is generated, bib, volume, and copy information is created for all purchased items
      • bib, volume, and copy status information at PO time is based on local policy
    • Generate PO per selected item or all PL items.
    • PL Folders?
    • Per-item purchase links?
  • Does a PO require a PL?

Purchase Orders

  • Ability to split a PO into multiple POs



Budget Allocation

  • Allows the user to segregate budgets by amount or percent


Exchange Rates


Bibliographic Sources

General ACQ Policies

  • Staff and Patron access
    • what types of items have what sets of statuses at what stages of acquisitions (e.g. "books" are holdable at PO time, etc.)


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