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Agenda and Minutes: January 8, 2020


Community News
New Angular Acq Update

  • ECDI will be testing the new Angular Acq Search throughout January and into the first part of February with community testing to follow..
  • Sprint 1: Providers is in active development
  • Sprint 2: Administration will begin development in the next month or so
  • Sprint:4 Purchase Orders and Line Items will be seeking funding partners

Recently updated Acq bugs

  • Update the fieldmapper to list required fields for Acq Admin (LP #1808005)
  • ACQ invoice search for invoiceable lineitems skipping lines with multiple copies on first try at searching (LP #1561160)

Recently committed Acq fixes

  • Mark Selected Items as Received Fails on Pages After First (LP #1607922) - will be included in 3.3.6 and 3.4.2

Acq fixes awaiting testing and a signoff

  • ACQ: Within Selection List, "Save Items to Selection List" moves, not copies, lineitem(s) to another selection list (LP #1418694)
  • Lineitems by Bib only supports filtering a single state (LP #1744762)
  • EDIReader unable to extract some vendcodes (LP #1713138)
  • Change functionality of the ACQ transfer fund action (LP #1335668)

Open Question Period

  • A library reported that the Load MARC Order Records function stopped working for them after they upgraded to the latest version 3.4. (I, Jennifer, realized after the call that it was 3.4 not 3.3 released in October.)
  • There is an issue with the new vandelay angular code and the old dojo of acquisitions in 3.4. They are currently working around this by using the old vandelay interface


  • Future acquisitions topics people would like to see presented or would like to present?
  • Please send suggestions of topics you’d like to see or would be willing to present on to the acq-list or you can email Jennifer ( directly

Next Meeting: February 2020 @ 3:00pm Eastern

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