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December 8, 2021

3pm Eastern / 2pm Central / 12pm Pacific

Meeting Info

Video call link:
Or dial: ‪(US) +1 307-312-0420‬ PIN: ‪464 267 366‬#
More phone numbers:

Recently Updated ACQ Bugs

Newly Added

  • Acquisitions lineitem update barcode silent fail with missing catalog item record (LP1948477)
  • Acq year end: Non-propagated funds are not marked inactive (LP1948816)
  • Add ability to move a lineitem to another PO (LP1948688)
  • ACQ delete line items no confirmation dialog boxes (LP1946115)
  • ACQ delete line item expanded copy details display issue (LP1946119)
  • Screenreader Form Fix - Providers Administration (Angular) (LP1950507)
  • EDIWriter problems with FTX and LIN (LP1949243)
  • Angular acq funding sources: Autofilter to Active (LP1953193)
  • EDI accounts should have an Active field (LP1953188)
  • Angular acq funds: Remove year auto-filter (LP1953181)
  • Angular acq funds: Closing fund popup causes grid to reload (LP1953179)
  • Support ACQ Advanced Shipment Notices (DESADV – Dispatch Advice Messages) (LP1952931)

Recently Updated

  • Circulation Modifers listed in alpha order (LP1367834)
  • Angular grids: make derived columns filterable and sortable (LP1933123)
  • Inactive funds should not be able to make allocations/transfers (LP1948946)
  • Make direct charge prorating smarter (LP1836194)
  • Improve fund allocation tab (LP1832761)


  • Open discussion
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