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ACQ Money questions/decisions

  • Percentage-based allocations
    • The percentages are stored in a separate table
    • Calculate and create static allocations at initial percentage setup time.
    • As new money is credited to the funding source, provide option to automatically distribute the money to the same set of funds using the last-defined percentages.
    • If the percentage changes, it will not affect existing allocations. It will only affect new allocations.
  • Hard links from fund debits to funding sources / funding source credits?
    • Proposed solution: links to both are virtual and determined by algorithm.
      • Two proposed algorithms to support are FIFO and spending-deadline-based.
      • Data is calculated at report run time and is provisional since funding source and funding source credit attributes can change, which will affect how money can be spent from a funding source.
      • This means when multiple funding sources feed into a given fund, staff cannot manually choose which funding source pays for a given item. It also means, if designed correctly, staff will never need to.
      • If strict control over spending from a funding source is required, do not mingle money from that funding source with money from other funding sources. IOW, allocate to dedicated funds.
  • Multiple funding-source to fund inheritance supported?
    • Yes
  • What happens if I find out some of the money I was promised may have to be returned (e.g. mid-year budget cuts)?
    • proposed solution: Define an "ok-to-spend" threshold on funding source credits.
      • The system will not let you spend past this amount.
      • This allows you to track the original amount and the amount you can freely spend
      • The ok-to-spend amount can be changed at any time.
  • What happens under the covers when I transfer money from one fund to another?
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