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Problem Scenario: Ordering monographs (single library)

(contributed by Dan Scott)

Main actors:

  • Actor: Dan, human kinetics collection librarian
  • Actor: Hazel, acquisitions supervisor
  • Actor: Chantal, technician

Day 1

Dan checks his calendar, realizes that the end of the fiscal year is fast approaching, and checks the funds remaining to be spent in the various subject collections for which he is responsible. He discovers he has not yet spent the entire budget for the human kinetics monograph (English) collection.

Dan thumbs through the brochures for the best-known publisher in the field and finds a few books that seem worthy of purchase. He checks the catalogue to find out if his library already has a copy of these items (items are visible in the system once they've been ordered).

Having found a book that isn't already part of the library collection, he circles the book he wants in the brochure and attaches a sticky note to the front that says "Hazel - please order for Human Kinetics (English). - Dan" and initials the sticky note. Dan then places the brochure in Hazel's mail slot.

Day 2

Hazel picks up her mail and sees Dan's monograph request. She checks to find out if is a rush order, but the word "Rush" isn't written anywhere on the request so she places it on her "to be ordered" pile for processing later.

Later that day, Hazel picks up Dan's monograph request and looks up the fund ID for the Human Kinetics monographs (English) collection. Because it is late in the fiscal year, Hazel checks the fund to ensure that the budget can accomodate the purchase. Seeing that there are sufficient funds remaining, she then adds the fund ID, the date, and her initials on the sticky note.

Later in the day, Hazel takes Dan's monograph request (along with the other requests she has processed) and places it in the technician's in-box for ordering.

Day 3

Chantal is the designated ordering technician for the day. She pulls the requests to be ordered from the ordering in-box, sorts the requests by "rush" status, and begins ordering the items.

To order Dan's item, Chantal browses to the library's preferred book vendor's Web site (she has it saved as a bookmark), logs in, and searches by ISBN for the requested book. She doesn't find it, so she tries an author / title search just in case, with no success.

Chantal then logs into the next book vendor Web site (the library uses three different vendors for in-print monograph orders), searches by ISBN, and finds the requested book. She places the order with the vendor through the vendor's Web interface.

To record the order in the library system, Chantal connects to several different Z39.50 servers through the library system Z39.50 client and searches for a bibliographic record matching the requested book. At this point, she doesn't care about the quality of the record; she just wants the basic bibliographic information to appear in the system so that she can attach a purchase order to it.

Chantal finds a bibliographic record that meets her requirements and loads the record into the library system. Now that the record is in the library system, she can create an order record in the library system.

To create the order record, Chantal performs the following step:

  1. retrieves the bibliographic record that she just added to the library system in the "Create order" screen
  2. chooses the vendor from a list stored in the library system
  3. chooses the order type as "Firm" (other options are "Gift" or "Subscription")
  4. accepts the default fiscal year ("2007-2008")
  5. identifies the number of copies ordered as 1
  6. enters the fund ID for the Human Kinetics monographs (English) collection
  7. accepts the default destination location ("Desmarais circulation")
  8. accepts the default item type ("Monograph")
  9. sets the price to the amount indicated in the vendor system
  10. accepts the new purchase order ID that has been generated to identify the order in the library system

Once the item has been ordered, Chantal recycles the brochure (or whatever piece of paper she received that contained the order instructions).

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