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Ordering monographs (MARC batch loading)

Pre-processed books (barcode and call number labels on) and matching MARC records are received from the vendor.

The MARC records contain a locally defined tag (9XX) with subfields that map to fields in a purchase order line.

For example:

tag 970
subfield a = location
subfield b = quantity
subfield c = po note
subfield f = budget/fund code ...
tag 020 subfield c = price

Import acquisition maps are set up for each vendor (blackwell & YBP for us).

Import acquisitions map can be associated with any bib import source.

With the purchase order header open, we import the MARC records, and the purchase order lines will be created for each bib. Approving the purchase order lines will create an item record and transfer location, collection, item_type, etc. info. to the item record with an ON ORDER status. Our current ILS cannot transfer the barcode number or call number - but it would be cool if Evergreen could.

Then, as the books are unpacked & matched with their bib in the catalogue, the item is received - which changes the item status to IN PROCESS and commits the money in the budget.

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