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Problem scenario: Receiving monographs

(contributed by Dan Scott)


  • Actor: Roche, mail & printing support
  • Actor: Chantal, technician

Each morning, if the Library receives one or more shipments from a vendor, Roche places the received books on a cart. An invoice comes with each shipment, and Roche places that invoice on the cart along with the books, then delivers the book cart to the technical services area.

For each shipment, Chantal compares the invoice (using it as a packing list) with the books on the cart, checking off each book as she finds it.

For each book, Chantal:

  1. Retrieves the order record (based on order ID recorded on invoice, and/or title, author, etc.). This changes the location of the item from ON ORDER to IN PROCESS so that patrons will know what state the book is in if they do a search.
  2. Checks the vendor on the order record to ensure it corresponds with the invoice.
  3. Checks the NOTE fields in the order record for any special instructions (typically RUSH or "Requested by patron X", in which case she would place a hold on that patron's behalf).
  4. Adds a barcode to the order record (at this point, the order is said to have been "loaded".)
  5. Catalogues the item by retrieving a good MARC record through Z39.50 copy cataloging, then cleans up the MARC record with the following steps:
    1. Check the publication date and ISBN
    2. Convert 856 |3 subfields to |z. Aside: this could probably be avoided if we changed the display policy in our current library system.
    3. Add spaces to call number.
  6. Changes the location from IN PROCESS to the real home location.
  7. Prints label and completes physical processing.
  8. Places the book onto the book cart for shelving.
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