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Serial Control v.0.1

The lists below give a brief summary of current interface progress. It should be noted that little has been done concerning proper workflow and exception handling, so expect errors, especially during initial setup. Here is a rough outline for getting things started:

  • Manually create an asset.copy_template entry
  • Navigate to a record in the Staff Client
  • Select 'Serial Control View' in 'Actions for this Record'
  • Create a subscription (in Subscriptions tab)
  • Create a distribution within this subscription which references your template
  • Create a caption/pattern
  • Create a manual 'starter' issuance from which the others will be predicted (the caption/pattern picker isn't there yet, so type the ID of the caption/pattern you created in the "Caption/Pattern" field of the issuance).
  • With your subscription selected, choose 'Make Predictions' from 'Actions for Selected Row'

Here are a couple "codes" you can use in lieu of the missing GUIs for Pattern Code and Holding Code:
Pattern Code (in Caption and Pattern):


Holding Code (in Issuance):


What works so far:

  • Items interface
    • View items
    • Receive items (into new or existing units)
    • Bind items (into new or existing units)
  • Subscriptions interface
    • Editors for creating and editing:
      • Subscriptions
      • Distributions
      • Captions and Patterns (barebones)
      • Issuances (barebones)
      • Notes (where applicable)
    • Make predictions (based on last existing issuance only)
    • Basic deleting
  • OPAC display
    • Compressed display of received items at holding library level
    • Limited MFHD integration (concatenation where overlapping)

What is still coming:

  • More translatable strings in interfaces
  • Better delete support (using 'deleted' flag where needed)
  • Easier initial setup
    • "First Issue" dialog
    • Caption and Pattern GUI
  • "Custom" item tracking
  • Distributions interface
    • Editors for managing:
      • Templates
      • Streams
      • Summaries
  • Units interface (post-receive viewing and managing of units and unit/item relationships)
  • Claims interface
  • More display related options
    • Summarized contents unit labels
    • Caption-level overrides
    • Legacy integration options
  • Permissions
  • General optimizations
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