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Acquisitions Timeline

This is a roadmap for the outward-facing developments implemented or planned for acquisitions services in Evergreen. This timeline is fluid and subject to change as the community’s needs evolve. Also see the Evergreen development roadmap.

May 2009 (in Evergreen Release 1.6)
  • Federated Z39.50/Evergreen Bibliographic Search
  • Basic Fund, Provider, Funding Sources, and Picklist management interfaces
  • Support for loading vendor order records for creating POs
  • Purchase order creation from selected items
  • Initial receiving interfaces
  • Rich permissions infrastructure
  • Support for manual creation of brief bibliographic order records
Later 2009 (in Evergreen Release 2.0)
  • Serials Checkin (prediction)
  • Distribution patterns
  • Automatic claiming
  • Support for EDI ordering and acknowledgment
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