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Hotkeys in the web client

On Tue, Apr 24, 2018 at 4:56 PM Janet Schrader wrote: Hi,

Are there hotkeys in the web client comparable to the xul client such as ALT+a+v+v+Enter to go to the add volumes screen, or, ALT+a+h to go to holdings maintenance? I have one cataloger who prefers to use the mouse as little as possible.

I know the add volumes button and holdings view now require only one mouse click. Are there any keyboard shortcuts to open these without a mouse? I haven't found any so far.

On Wed, Feb 5, 2020 at 1:27 PM Josh Stompro wrote: Janet, did you ever find out more details about the state of keyboard navigation? Has much changed since you posted this? I read through all the responses, but they mainly seemed focused on the global hotkeys.

We know about the hotkeys that are available (pressing the ? key to show a list). And those are nice for quickly getting to certain functions. But like you we are wondering about keyboard navigation in specific interfaces.

I'm also wondering if the term hotkey means something different than keyboard shortcuts or keyboard navigation. I've also seen the term function key, which might specifically means the F1-F12 keys?

This bug seems to cover all keyboard navigation, but the comments seem focused on hotkeys, but not on navigating within each interface.

Our staff are having a hard time justifying the work to switch cataloging and acquisitions to the web client because of how much longer everything takes to complete, mainly because the mouse needs to be used constantly to navigate.

I'm not sure if this needs to be tackled interface by interface, or if there is some overarching plan to add in keyboard navigation for all the menus and context menus?

On Wed, Feb 5, 2020 at 1:16 PM Janet Schrader wrote: Hi Josh,

No, as far as I know, nothing has changed. Like you, we have more than one library that is using, unhappily so, the web client and is extremely frustrated by the lack of keyboard commands. Here is a response from a library with 6 branches when asked what keyboard shortcuts/commands are in xul and missing in the web client.

XUL adding items for main and branches

- F3 for advanced search – scan ISBN or title/author search or LCCN or other

- Alt+Shift+A to access Actions for this record menu, then H for Holdings maintenance The Alt+Shift+A is used to go to Marc Edit, Opac View, and Mark for overlay and is very convenient

- If overlaying record, Alt+G then Z will take you to the Marc import via Z39.50 screen

- Find the record, then Alt+O, then Alt+D, then Alt+O

- In XUL we have to add/edit items in the different branches separately, but can do multiple items in a single library (if Main branch has three items, I can add/edit those at once, as long as they use the same template)

- Right-click the row with the item to edit or Right-click on the volume to add an item or Right-click on the library to add a volume and item

- Then select Edit item, add item, or add item, respectively

- Scan barcode, enter Call number and price, then select Template

- Alt+Y to apply template

- Alt+R to Re-barcode/update items or Alt+C to Create volumes (depending on if you are editing or adding

On Thu, Feb 6, 2020 at 12:03 PM Josh Stompro wrote: Janet, having a workflow to look at is useful, thanks.

Since the web client doesn't have an "Actions for this Record" menu that holds all the features, it doesn't really work to have one command like Alt+Shift+A that activates one menu. But it is possible to just set arbitrary keyboard shortcuts, even if they are not tied to a menu.

So maybe we go with the equivalent to XUL shortcut keys just to make migration easy. Some of the XUL options are shared, like v for marc view and add volumes, so maybe add volumes/add holdings should just have it's own , like Alt+Shift+n (for new). Or maybe we should avoid basing them off of the past design? We just need to work around the browser defined functions that may matter to the user, and the ones that are reserved by chrome.

  • Alt+Shift+a h - Holdings Maint
  • Alt+Shift+a enter - Opac View
  • Alt+Shift+a v - MARC View
  • Alt+Shift+a e - MARC Edit
  • Alt+Shift+a c - Holdings Maintenance
  • Alt+Shift+a p - Manage Parts
  • Alt+Shift+a s - View Holds
  • Alt+Shift+a r - View/Place Orders
  • Alt+Shift+a b - Add to bucket
  • Alt+Shift+a m - Mark for Overlay
  • Alt+Shift+a d - Delete Record (Doesn't exist in web client)
  • Alt+Shift+a u - Undelete Record (Doesn't exist in web client)
  • Alt+Shift+n - Add Volumes/Add Holdings
  • Alt+Shift+a c - Mark as Target for Conjoined Items
  • Alt+Shift+a a - Alternate Serial Control (Not sure about this?)
  • Alt+Shift+a i - Serials Batch Receive (Or this, Quick Receive?)

One roadblock that I'm not sure how to get around is the whole, keyboard shortcuts don't work within an iframe, so if the default view is the opac view, staff have to click out of the iframe to use keyboard shortcuts. An easy work around is to have a different default view set, so the opac view isn't the default… or use the angular web client.

In the Volume copy editor, it would be ideal to never need to touch the keyboard to create items, and not have to tab through all the UI elements.

The template selector dropdown/textbox should require less steps. Right now you have to click or tab to it, then Ctrl+A to select all, then type in the start of your template, then tab twice, then press enter, then tab, then enter to apply.

It would be nice if there was a keyboard shortcut for moving focus to the template selector box, then if it automatically selected all the text, so the user can just start typing if they want a different template. And then setup Alt+Y to apply the template. One of those little floaty messages might be nice also "Template applied".

I also wish there was an easy way to recover from applying the wrong template, other than reloading the page. When working quickly it happens, and is usually noticed right away, so if there was a simple way to reset back to the initial values that would be great. Especially since setting values in copy templates to be unset seems to be not support.


On Thu, Feb 6, 2020 at 3:42 PM Elaine Hardy wrote:

If you enter the wrong template, there is a clear button.

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