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Developer Hack-A-Way

The Hack-A-Way is an annual event held mid year respective to the annual Evergreen conference. The original intention was to provide a mid year chance for developers to continue the momentum gained during the annual conference. As the annual conference has become larger and larger the Hack-A-Way has increasingly taken on the role of the opportunity for staff to meet face to face and work through difficult issues.

Upcoming Events

The 2017 Hack-A-Way location will once again be in Evergreen Indiana. For more information go here: 2017 Hack-A-Way.

General Details

The proposal process for the Hack-A-Ways is managed by Rogan Hamby. Previously the Hack-A-Way took proposals immediately after the conference each year. As of the 2015 Hack-A-Way the process is changing a little in order to accommodate how the event has changed. As of the 2016 Hack-A-Way we will take proposals the year before the Hack-A-Way to allow for more advance planning. For 2017 the deadline will be July 31st 2016.

The host facility is expected to provide the following:

  • A clean meeting space for 10 - 20 people.
  • Working space for laptops.
  • A TV or other display for other participants to show up on with a Google Hangout.
  • Laptop for said Google Hangout.
  • Adequate bandwidth for the users (we don't use that much)
  • A few snacks and forms of hydration and caffeine to keep blood sugar and typing up
  • Facilitate reasonable hotel accommodations (cheaper is better but no bed bugs)
  • Help out with some shuttling to and from the airport, hotel, meeting space, dinners
  • Although not required it's become tradition for the host to supply lunches
  • The event is Wed - Friday roughly 10 am to 6 pm each day with flexible travel

What a host receives for their labors is good will, recognition, helping move development forward and the adulation of millions (give or take an undetermined integer value).

Locations and times are selected by surveying the developer community after proposals have been received. Proposals are encouraged to address some of the requirements but are considered statements of intent rather than needing full contractual details.

The events are self sustaining and do not draw on community funds.


2012: Atlanta, GA

  • The first Hack-A-Way was held in Atlanta, GA in 2012 and was kindly hosted by Equinox Software.

2013 Hack-A-Way: Grand Rapids, MI (September 17-19, 2013)

  • The second Hack-A-Way was hosted by Calvin College on their campus and in their library in Michigan in 2013. Major accomplishments of the Hack-A-Way in 2013 include setting a final committed course for the new web-based staff client and creation of a responsive designed TPAC.

2014 Hack-A-Way: Rock Hill, SC (September 24-27, 2014)

  • Hosted by the Rock Hill Public Library.

2015 Hack-A-Way: Boston, MA (November 4-6, 2015)

2016 Hack-A-Way: Indianapolis, Indiana (Nov 2nd - 4th, 2016)

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