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New Developers Working Group

Integration with Third Parties

Things to add to this page

  • Overview
  • Describe which third party tools have been integrated with Evergreen
    • Geolocation
      • Google Maps
      • Bing Maps
    • Ebooks
      • OverDrive
    • Authentication
      • OpenAthens
      • Shibboleth
    • Added Content
      • NoveList Added Content
      • Syndetics Added Content
      • Google Books Preview
      • ContentCafe
    • Credit Card Processing
      • Stripe
      • PayPal
      • Authorize.Net
    • Discovery Layers
      • Aspen?
      • Biblioteca?
    • Other…?
      • Several libraries are working with Quipu for online account registration and online account renewal, but components have not been standardized well enough to incorporate into Evergreen
  • Talk about SIP connections for things like self-checkout machines, print management
    • How to add a field from a stat cat to a SIP message response (PINES did this in order to work with a third party product for building entry called Open+)
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