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Restarting Things

All Services

Switch to the opensrf user and run:

osrf_control -l --restart-all


Switch to the root user and run:

/etc/init.d/apache2 restart


systemctl restart apache2


Switch to the opensrf user and run:



As root user:

/etc/init.d/memcached restart


As the opensrf user

To check if Clark is already running:

ps -ef|grep -i Clark

To kill Clark:

pkfill -f Clark

After killing Clark, delete reporter-LOCK in /tmp/

To restart: --daemon

When to Restart

Restart Apache after changing perl and as a first step for changes not showing.

Restart opensrf after changing the perl, or when postgres restarts.

Run after making org-level changes: new names, new orgs.

You only need to restart Clark if he dies.

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