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How to Sign Off on a Branch

These instructions are the same regardless of whether you have tested this on your own test server or on a remote test server that has been set up for bug squashing.

After you have successfully tested a branch that someone else has created and see that it is working well, you will create a sign-off branch to acknowledge that you have tested it.

  1. Find the hash (unique ID) of the commit that you wish to sign off on.
    1. Find the bug related to the patch you tested.
    2. Follow the link to where the patch resides on the Git server.
    3. When you are looking at the details of the commit, copy the first 7+ characters from the commit code.
  2. In Git Bash, navigate to the Evergreen directory.
  3. Make sure that your local repository is up to date:
    1. git checkout main
    2. git fetch –all
    3. git pull
  4. Create and check out a new sign-off branch with the current branch name and append 'signoff':
    1. git checkout -b lp123456_branch_name_signoff
  5. Commit your signoff:
    1. A commit message should consist of a subject line (i.e., the first line of the commit message), then a blank line, then an optional description of the patch, followed by one or more signoffs. The subject line should be brief, ideally no more than 60-70 characters, and should include a bug number from LaunchPad if relevant. Here is an example of a minimum commit message:
          LP#24544: fix the quuxifier
          Signed-off-by: Jane Hacker <>
  6. Pull in the branch that you wish to sign off on using the commit code you found above.
    1. git cherry-pick -s ea75f30d33
  7. Push (upload) your new sign-off branch to your working directory:
    1. git push working lp123456_branch_name_signoff:user/jdoe/lp123456_branch_name_signoff
  8. Find the URL for your newly uploaded branch:
    1. Click on working/Evergreen.git
    2. Scroll down to the Heads section.
    3. Click on the link to your sign-off branch.
    4. Copy the URL
  9. Update the launchpad bug:
    1. Find the bug related to the patch you tested.
    2. Add a comment that you've tested the bug and the URL of your sign-off commit.
    3. Add a 'signedoff' tag.
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