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File Locations

The files in a git repository are organized in a different hierarchical tree structure than the files that have already been installed on a running server. So, both locations are listed below as either 'Git' or 'Installed.' This is not a comprehensive list of file locations, but merely a list of locations where commonly customized or referred to files are located.

Configuration Files / Business Logic

Note: After changing configuration files, server restarts are usually required.

Field Mapper / IDL / Database Schema

The field mapper assists the UI in connecting to the database.

  • Git: \Open-ILS\examples\fm_IDL.xml
  • Installed: /openils/conf/fm_IDL.xml

A version of the field mapper is also installed specifically for use by the reports engine.

  • Installed: /openils/var/web/reports/fm_IDL.xml

You can view the live version on your server through a browser by going to:

An outline of the database schema is at:

Virtual Host Configuration File

  • Git: \Open-ILS\examples\apache_24\
  • Installed: /etc/apache2/eg_vhost.conf

Perl Modules

  • Git: \Open-ILS\src\perlmods\lib\OpenILS\
  • Installed: /usr/local/share/perl/[version number]/OpenILS/

Note: If adding a new page to the OPAC, add the new path to in the "load" subroutine

KPAC (Kids' Catalog)

  • Git: \Open-ILS\examples\kpac.xml.example
  • Installed: /openils/conf/kpac.xml.example

Defaults for Notification Action Triggers

  • Git: \Open-ILS\src\sql\Pg\


Page Templates

  • Git: \Open-ILS\src\templates\opac\
  • Installed: /openils/var/templates/opac/


  • Git: \Open-ILS\web\images\
  • Installed: /openils/var/web/images/


  • Git: \Open-ILS\src\templates\opac\css\
  • Installed: /openils/var/templates/opac/css/


Configuration File

  • Git: \Open-ILS\examples\kpac.xml.example
  • Installed: /openils/conf/kpac.xml.example

Page Templates

  • Git: \Open-ILS\src\templates\kpac\
  • Installed: /openils/var/templates/kpac/


  • Git: \Open-ILS\web\images\kpac\
  • Installed: /openils/var/web/images/kpac/

Web Staff Client

Page Templates

  • Git: \Open-ILS\src\templates\staff\
  • Installed: /openils/var/templates/staff/


  • Git: \Open-ILS\src\templates\staff\css\
  • Installed: /openils/var/templates/staff/css/


  • Git: \Open-ILS\web\js\ui\default\staff\
  • Installed: /openils/var/web/js/ui/default/staff/


  • Git: \Open-ILS\src\eg2\src\app\
  • Installed: /​home/​opensrf/​Evergreen/​Open-ILS/​src/​eg2/​src/​app/​
  • Note: After changing an Angular file, it must be recompiled using ng build.
  • Advanced Note: If you add –watch, and leave it running in a screen session, and create a symbolic link from /openils/var/web/eg2 to Open-ILS/web/eg2 it will watch this directory for new files and recompile them on the fly.

Circulation Pop-Up Messages

  • Git: \Open-ILS\src\extras\ils_events.xml
  • Installed: /openils/var/data/ils_events.xml


Page Templates

  • Git: \Open-ILS\src\templates\circ\selfcheck\
  • Installed: /openils/var/templates/circ/selfcheck/


  • Git: \Open-ILS\web\js\ui\default\circ\selfcheck\
  • Installed: /openils/var/web/js/ui/default/circ/selfcheck/


  • Git: \docs\
  • Installed: /home/opensrf/Evergreen/docs/

When adding release notes, copy the RELEASE_NOTE_TEMPLATE.adoc into the correct folder, rename it to describe the change, and fill it out in ASCIIDoc format.

Table vs. View

  • Table: The database table where data is stored.
  • View: A view is the result of a SQL query. It combines data from multiple tables and keeps it in memory for easier programmatic access.
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