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New Developers Working Group

Database Schemas

Schema Descriptions

  • Config - catch-all for configuration / setup
  • Actor - users, org units, and their attributes
  • Permission - permissions and permission groups
  • Biblio - bib data and functions
  • Authority - authority data and functions
  • Serial - serials related tables
  • Asset - item and call number, mostly
  • Metabib - search data, mostly
  • Action - circ and hold state machine tables
  • Booking - booking/reservation state machine tables
  • Money - billing and payment tables and views
  • Action_trigger - A/T definitions, events, and output
  • Vandelay - import/export tables and functions
  • Acq - acquisitions data
  • Search - functions and search support tables
  • Container - buckets, carousels
  • Oai - views and functions supporting oai-pmh
  • Unapi - functions generating xml from data in other schemas
  • Query - back qstore service, holds structured data that can become arbitrary SQL
  • Offline - offline transactions and processing state thereof
  • Reporter - report templates, definitions, and scheduling tables
  • Rating - stores popularity badge definitions and bib ratings
  • Auditor - tables recording old versions of rows from many core tables

Additional Resources

Evergreen Conference Sessions

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