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Linux Tools

  • Ubuntu for Windows - This provides a self-contained Linux environment on a Windows 10 computer.
  • Intro to Bash - Bash is the command line interface used in Linux environments. Meeting recording with Chris Sharp.
  • Intro to Vim - Vim is the primary text editor used in Linux environments.

Git: Git is a software version control system designed to track software code changes. Evergreen's code changes are tracked at Git is almost always used from a command line interface, but there is a free 'Git for Windows' application that offers basic functionality (

Launchpad: Launchpad is the bug / wish list tracker that the Evergreen community uses. See:

Text Editor: Any plain text editor can be used. Notepad++ (available from is a simple open-source code editor. Visual Studio Code Editor is free code editor available from Microsoft ( that has the advantage of a built-in console so that you can update and compile code, plus view console output when testing the code, in the same window.

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