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The Evergreen TPAC is a mod_perl2 application that uses Template Toolkit for HTML templates. It uses vanilla Javascript and some jQuery, but is designed to function with JavaScript turned off.

  • Template Files: Open-ILS/src/templates/opac/
  • JavaScript Files: Open-ILS/web/opac/common/js/

The TPAC is being replaced by the Bootstrap OPAC but some Evergreen implementations have not yet made the switch.

How to Enable Bootstrap for Your OPAC

To enable the new OPAC design, open the /etc/apache2/eg_vhost.conf file.

Find the following line:

PerlAddVar OILSWebTemplatePath "/openils/var/templates" Add the following line directly below it:

PerlAddVar OILSWebTemplatePath "/openils/var/templates-bootstrap" Be sure that, if you have any local customizations, that they are referenced below this line. This way, your customizations will still appear in the new OPAC design (although they may need to be adjusted to better fit the new style).

You can also turn on the new OPAC for some virtual hosts only, by adding it to the appropriate virtual host entry. Be sure to reference the OILSWebTemplatePath for the templates-bootstrap directory before referencing any local customizations used by that virtual host.

Things to add to this page:

  • Tips on customizing images and CSS
  • Location of Perl files / how they relate to each other
  • Where the config setting is to change from using the TPAC to the BooPAC
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