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New Developers Working Group

Project Ideas

Types of projects the working group might consider working on:

  • Flesh out this wiki
    • Components of Evergreen
    • Checklist to get started – link for creating your own testbox
  • Pull in various training documents from various sources
    • Other pages that are in the wiki
    • Dan Wells - Developer Training Wheels session
    • Jason Stephenson - Programming the Back End preconference session
    • Bill Erickson - Lightning Talk
    • Galen Charlton - Writing Angular for Evergreen session - user/gmcharlt/eg-cat-counter-evgils19
    • Remington Steed & Dan Wells - wiki pages
    • Jane Sandberg - sample docs
    • WAI-ARIA Authoring Practice Guide
  • Write up tutorials / examples of small code fixes
    • Add missing column to grid
    • Add missing field to print template
    • Do a database call (Galen’s cat counter)
    • Add documentation in the code (ie - “this function is for X”)
    • Set cursor focus
    • Disable double-click on submit button
  • Development we could tackle
  • Rewrite KPAC in Bootstrap
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